From December 2nd-3rd, we held a seminar in our House of Prayer with the topic 'Apostolic foundations'. Nearly 90 people came together for this event. Together with powerful worship times, we had teaching about living with the Holy Spirit in everyday life:

"He is the love of God in action and His gifts are for every day. Through Him we are equipped with strength, identity and confidence. We don't just want to reach out for His manifestations, but to know more deeply who He really is."


Overall, we experienced that many visitors came to the seminar with a deep spiritual hunger. It was wonderful to see how the Holy Spirit worked deeply in the hearts of the participants and how many people redirected themselves to Jesus and the basics of His Word.

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There were new decisions for Jesus and people opened their hearts more to the Holy Spirit. Again and again people came forward to make decisions, receive prayer and experience the power of God. One participant made a brand new decision, "I want to live by God's power and I want to be baptized." Another woman felt a really deep connection to Heavenly Father for the first time. She had desired this for a long time.

Throughout the seminar, this shined out:

"The apostolic foundations of conversion, faith, baptism and being born again must be laid in our lives, no matter what it looks like on the outside. God wants to work this in us. It's good to be hungry for it and let God challenge us anew to live in His fullness."

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We are happy that so many participants stretched their hearts out to God, and received a fresh movement from Him!

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