What a weekend … The prayer house was packed to capacity, and the atmosphere was filled with only one desire: Hunger for more of God and for the power of the Holy Spirit! Both we and our guests were full of expectation. From minute one the level of expectation was rising and rising, and God moved amongst us in power.

Leben mit dem Heiligen Geist 09

Born again

Walter Heidenreich (main speaker) took us on a journey alongside the Holy Spirit. »It is so important that the right foundation is laid.« Thus he touched the following: true conversion to Jesus, being born again, baptism of faith, the baptism with the Holy Spirit. We specially took time to dig into being born again, »We need to get to know Jesus the way he truly is – and disregard what we think who he is … You have found grace with God – even today. However, without being born again you will not enter the kingdom of God. You only become a child of God if you have really been born again by the Holy Spirit. Only through this manifestation, you will be reintegrated into the relationship to your heavenly Father … and with that everything else comes along …« (Walter Heidenreich)

Leben mit dem Heiligen Geist 08

No-one held back when the altar calls were given. There was true conviction and true repentance, people have broken through to new life. Some have had a breakthrough in their relationship to the Holy Spirit and for the first time ever have experienced the love of God. It’s so beautiful when such things happen.

Leben mit dem Heiligen Geist 03

However, the most precious was the sovereign move of the Holy Spirit. There was no need to do anything. The power of God was present … whamo … people fell over left and right and rested in the Holy Spirit. Some didn’t go for lunch but stayed in the atmosphere of God’s presence in the prayer house … the best you can do is giving time to the Holy Spirit.

Leben mit dem Heiligen Geist 07

Love is a Miracle

Well, actually the seminar closed in the afternoon and everyone was free to go home. However … no one left! Experiences like these produce hunger for even more. No wonder that the WORSHIP SERVICE was full of insatiable people. Walters topic was Love is a Miracle! »You cannot put God into church settings and church boxes. It is dynamic, and God does what pleases him. He seeks for people who are hungry – no matter if they sit in church pews or don’t know anything about him and live in the streets … just as it happened during the Jesus People Movement …« And with that we went back to the last global revival that took hold of the hippies of the 60s and 70s and is making an impact to this day.

Leben mit dem Heiligen Geist 05

»Are you hungry?« … everyone in the hall responded. Whamo … so many were slain in the Spirit. Some laughed their heads off, others screamed and experienced deliverance. Again others peacefully rested in God’s presence and received the love of the Father. This went on for hours. No one left – some tried to, but they fell over again and again laughing. We have a cool testimony for your:

»During the morning session of the seminar, I prayed for an elderly lady. She was kneeling in the prayer house like heap of misery and was weeping. Later in the evening, however, she was completely transformed. She laughed so hard that she couldn’t get up. It was so cool. She tried to rise to her feet, but then she would walk in circles, fall over and laugh again. With her hand she was hammering on the floor and all the time she was laughing and laughing. It went on for quite a while like this. She was so happy, a completely transformed person. The Holy Spirit is so good!«

Leben mit dem Heiligen Geist 06

That’s our God … and all of this is part of a life with the Holy Spirit – and more. It’s available to you! If you are hungry and if you want more, then go on a journey with the Holy Spirit. We have audio-taped the seminar (only available in German – check the FCJG Shop) and the WORSHIP SERVICE is available in German/English on our YouTube channel.

Leben mit dem Heiligen Geist 04


Thank you to everyone who came to attend Living with the Holy Spirit and a warm welcome to all those who also want to experience such seminars or conferences. Following we have a whole range of options for you:

June 8 – 11, 2023: AFRICA Conference
with Heidi Baker, Ps. Surprise Sithole, Ps. William F. Kumuyi, Ps. Richard Aidoo and Walter Heidenreich

June 30 – July 16, 2023: Outreaches to Europe and Africa
We are going to Uganda, Tanzania, Vienna and Lüdenscheid

Oct. 13 – 14, 2023: The Gospel must be preached
with Chris Schuller, Lukas Repert and Arion Roffler

Nov. 11, 2023: Fervent Prayer
Prayer Day on Prayer Mountain for the Nations in Lüdenscheid

Or maybe you want to join our Special Weeks, a trimester or our annual term at the REVIVAL SCHOOL.

No matter when, no matter where and no matter how – you are always welcome and we are looking forward to having you with us!
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