We have been asked a lot: “Didn´t you invite any bands?“ or "Will so-and-so play at the conference?“ Following we’d like to give you some information:

In 1 Cor. 14:26 the Apostle Paul describes a gathering of brothers - a service where the people of God gather. He says: „What then does it mean, brothers? When you gather, everyone has a psalm (God´s word being read or sung), has a teaching (inspired and spontaneous preaching), has a tongue (gift of the Spirit), has a revelation (prophecy, wisdom, knowledge, healing, help, all inspired, spontaneous) has an interpretation (e.g. of tongues).“

On the move

This word has been deeply moving us. For four years we have been on a journey to discover the secret of this scripture. It describes mature, free Christians, that come before Jesus and gather around Him to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. With the purpose of ushering all of this in, we got rid of the stage, arranged the seats in a circle around the cross and put open microphones into the middle.
Everyone who receives something inspired by the Holy Spirit during worship can take the microphone and share it. There is no pastor checking it beforehand or a worship band that fills the evening with sets of songs. Everyone has something and it is all about worshiping Jesus.

Due to that development, many thought we wouldn´t have musicians anymore and no-one leading the meeting. However, these people are still in place, but each with a new assignment: as people who support and serve in the background ushering in what the Holy Spirit has on His agenda. This journey is new, fresh, and exciting every time. And in the midst of it we are experiencing the power and presence of God very strongly. The gifts of the Spirit begin to flow and to enfold .The supernatural is manifesting.

Fearless, free Christians

BURNING HEARTS is meant to be a movement of fearless, free Christians that are willing to go to the ends of the earth, preaching and demonstrating the gospel. And our worship should be like this: inspired by the Holy Spirit with everyone having a share in it and moving in a supernatural dimension.

In case you are having thousands of questions after reading this, just scroll our website and take a look at the different video clips of our events and services. And you are certainly welcome to experience it for yourself.
Petra Feddersen
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