Everyday life in school

How does a "normal day" look like in our school?
Just come and join us for a virtual daily routine and tour!

7:00 am Breakfast together
The day begins by having a delicious breakfast to start the day as a family. And right after breakfast we’re getting started ...

7:30 am Personal time with God
We believe it is important to be refreshed in the morning by the Holy Spirit; so we take another 30 minutes for a personal encounter with God. There is a variety how this time can look like, but it’s mainly about having fellowship with the Holy Spirit and to be filled by Him every morning.

8:00 am Worshipping together
Weather united as whole community, with everyone living on the prayer mountain or as REVIVAL SCHOOL joining the 24/7-vision of our House of Prayer for the Nations ... After we have edified ourselves in the presence of God personally we come together out of this intimacy with God to worship Him unintentionally - in spirit and in truth - simply because He is worthy. And by worshipping God we love to give guidance to the Holy Spirit so that He can reveal to us what He wants to do. Our way of doing that is described in 1. Corinthians 14,26 where it says: „Everybody has something ...“ And by that our times of worship can look quite differently: There are times of silence, sometimes joy breaks out or we are worshipping in Psalms - just as the Spirit leads us.

10:15 am Time with God together
Also our time together in the presence of God can look differently from day to day. If we hadn’t had a worship time in advance, we’ll start worshipping together. Sometimes we also start in prayer and intercession or we simply jump into a teaching sermon. The teachings’ focus is not to learn for your mind, but to pursue how we can live alongside with the Holy Spirit in our everyday-life in a deeper level. The school-staff and international guest-speakers will emphasis on great topics, highlighted by the Holy Spirit, by giving foundations to the teachings in the word of God.

11:30 am Working time
Next is living out what you just heard or received very practically. Weather it’s the kitchen-team, laundry, house-crew or the maintenance: In these working-areas we take care that we’ll have nice meals or clean clothes, but there is much more to it: It’s the place where hearts will be changed and shaped because you will encounter God practically - sometimes in your teammates - and get an opportunity to act accordingly to the teachings you heard before.

1:00 pm Lunch together
By having lunch together you can enjoy the fellowship and the diverse international quisine. And than there is also a break to relax, for example in the sun, until we go on in the afternoon.

2:30 pm Outreaches, Workshops, Working time
Afternoons always look differently: There are worship-, prayer- and gospel-outreaches in Lüdenscheid or nearby cities, another time there are creativity workshops or meetings to prepare for outreaches abroad. And sometimes there is working time in the afternoons, too ...

5:30 pm Help Yourself!
... means you’ll find a buffet in the dining room where you can have dinner in a flexible period of time. Though there is no official dinner together, you’ll always find other hungry students to have dinner with you.

8:00 pm Family-Night, service, times of prayer or teaching, study-time, time off, ...
In the evenings there is quite a variety as well. Once a week we’ll have the family-night where we come together as REVIVAL SCHOOL or as whole FCJG-community from Lüdenscheid to live out family: Share lives with one another, having fellowship and fun. Other evenings will be about digging deeper in the teachings during personal study-times, having prayer meetings together with the community or apostolic teachings by Walter Heidenreich. Another highlight is our worship service Saturday-nights because we love to give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to do whatever is on His heart. And there are evenings without any program at all where you can simply enjoy having fellowship or a relaxing time-off.


The building of the school and the ground

A few pictures of our school-building and the surrounding area…

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