What happens when you start praying for a country or a people? Yes, it changes you. You get God's heart for the people and he shows you his love for them. You do not stay the same.
My name is Johan, originally from the Netherlands and living in Lüdenscheid for eight years. I am part of the Prayer Mountain team. This is exactly what happened to me a few years ago when I started to pray for Israel. This was not really on my plan, but somehow it just kept on happening. Again and again God drew my attention to Israel.


When I finally decided to pray regularly for Israel, a journey began that really changed me.
I found a prayer partner and together we had powerful times of intercession in the prayer house. Through the Bible, God opened my eyes to how much he loves his people. It is the apple of his eye and he wants nothing more than for his people to experience his love. God's love for the Jews has overwhelmed me. And this love drives me to pray for them.

Israel also became more and more an issue in our community.
So the Sisters of Mary from Darmstadt came to the House of Prayer and taught us who Jesus really is: "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews!
Salvation comes from the Jews. Jesus, who saved you and me, was a Jew!


My heart opened more and more for the people of the Jews and the desire grew in me: "I want to go to Israel and get to know the people I have been praying for so long.
In October last year, the time had come. I was on the streets of Israel with a group of Christian musicians. I was able to get to know the country and its people more closely. God's presence was often tangible and I became aware that their God is my God. With no other people I can share this. My God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Many on the street were touched by the fact that they are prayed for in Germany. With the attitude of simply loving them, we reached their hearts.
It says in Isaiah 62:1 "I will not stop praying for her (Zion)." (NLT)
Therefore we continue to pray for Israel. At the moment not in the Prayer House for the Nations, but from home, on Whatsapp or Zoom. Some new prayer partners have even joined us in the past weeks.

Zoom Israel Gebet

So we stay tuned and hold on to God's promises. Through prayer the way is cleared so that the Jews can recognize Jesus as their Messiah and we Christians can recognize Jesus as the King of the Jews.
For he will return as the King of the Jews and as the King of the Nations!

And you? You too can make a difference. I encourage you to let God's love take hold of you and to stand in prayer for a particular nation or ethnic group.

Johan van Schaik
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