A couple of weeks ago, we have started to unite with 50 different prayer groups in Germany in order to focus on prayer for our nation based on the vision of Daniel Capri. This prayer initiative will last until November. It’s not primarily about receiving a new vision or pressing into God in a new way, however, we want to pray with a broad vision.

The seven-gates-vision by Daniel Capri (see link below) is therefore a great platform to split up our our nation in regions and to acknowledge our spiritual heritage, and to proclaim and claim it in prayer. In this present phase, we are doing research on the tremendous heritage of our regions, both spiritually and culturally, economically as well as politically. Each state has its own particular sources through which our nation was impacted in the past and is touched in the present.

Thus, our »gate«, the so-called »Gate West«, is described as a region of young people who stand for worship and evangelization, flanked by spiritual fathers and mothers who stand with them in prayer. With regards to FCJG, this particular vision is right up our street! However, we are also focusing on asking the Holy Spirit what blockage prevents the Holy Spirit to move and work in our city and region. So this is an exciting time!

In North Rhine-Westphalia, we are genuinely in touch with prayers from Essen, Bonn and Bünde, with whom we meet in person and online for prayer and sharing.

It is time for Germany's prayer warriors to arise! Let's come together and stand before God on behalf of our nation!

Following, please find the vision of Daniel Capri:



Christian Janke
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