With the inner determination to really be there and pray today, I went to political prayer that day. Despite all my efforts in this regard, I felt a resistance within me. Everyone was saying their prayers out loud, but not a word came out of my mouth. I could not join in the prayers from my heart, even though I tried so hard to focus on God and the prayers. What is wrong with me? Why can't I pray along and why does my heart feel walled in?
Unable to answer these and similar questions, I later cried out to God in the woods. I asked the Holy Spirit to show me why I could not make myself one with the others in political prayer for Germany. What he then showed me shocked me deeply! I had not known that Swiss pride and arrogance towards the German nation were in me. Suddenly my guilt was clear before my eyes. After a time of inner wrestling, I asked God for forgiveness and was then allowed to experience how He not only forgave me, but literally flooded me with His love. He deeply penetrated me with the truth: My true place of citizenship is heaven! I felt God's heartbeat for His children and nations. Immediately I began to pray with all my heart for Germany and other nations.
Since this experience, I can always feel God's love for Germany and pray (with) all my heart! Hallelujah!

About the author:

Damaris K. is 21 years young and a year student at the Revival School in Lüdenscheid. Relatively soon after God called her, she came from Switzerland to Lüdenscheid to get equipped for the work God has planned in her life. We are very thankful to have her here in Lüdenscheid. She loves children, being in nature, good tea and reading.

Political prayer is one of the prayer shifts we offer at the House of Prayer for the Nations. During this time we stand for our country, our government but also transnationally for the authorities in the nations.

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