The House of Prayer for the Nations in Lüdenscheid is packed with people, young and old; and there is great expectation. Chris Gore, together with a small team from Bethel Church, Redding is the guest speaker. Chris has been in the healing ministry for more than twenty years. He has experienced countless miracles and witnessed how the deaf could hear, cancer disappear and even autistic children evidently get healed.
But first of all we worship Jesus as He is the one it is all about!


The air is filled with a greater longing for Jesus than for His gifts; as Chris starts to share from his heart. Here is a man speaking from experience; on a very personal journey with his God. He desires nothing less than that His Kingdom may come and His will be done and that heaven touches earth.

During these two nights, he directs the entire audience unconditionally to the Father heart of God that revealed itself in Jesus. Jesus is the reflection of the Father and He is our role model in the healing ministry. It’s about His love and His desire to heal, to save and to set free. He payed the full price at the cross and made healing and restoration available to us; therefore, we may receive this gift with gratitude like a child.


It’s not surprising that the actual physical healings are simply received through childlike faith and proclaiming the biblical truths.
Soon you will find a clip here with some of teh healing testimonies.
Those healing nights with Chris Gore leave us with a deeper desire to know God more and to follow Him relentlessly; so that His kingdom may come and that His love would be displayed in power through our lives.
Here are some photos:

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