... and everything is possible!

"They are coming!" Just in time to finish up the coffee, gettings the cookies out of the jar and setting the ballons in place. The huge white house on the hill was about to be full again! Because here we go to the best time of the year: launch of the School 2020.

We, as staff team, were super excited and overjoyed to finally welcome the new students and we had a grand start together! Right from the beginning it was all about diving into what God has prepared. So, everything starts with a single step and all of the students took this step in adcanve. Jesus said: "Whoever does not leave father, mother, homes and belonging behind...". That's the standard he set for us, which might look pretty steep but truly is the greatest privilege. And everyone who sets out to embrace the call of god, willing ot say YES to whatever may come, submits to this very standard. 

The Faithful One

From the beginning it was clearly to see yet again - God is not calling us to leave us to an impossible task. No, he is calling us, while always being a step ahead, waiting for us to follow after Him. Sending his good Holy Spirit, who brings us deeper into his presence. We started the schoolyear off with some teachings, which tackled exactly this point - god is faithful and to be obdeinet ot his calling is the best way to choose! Everyone, who came here to do the school entered onto this way and everything is possible through the one who is calling us. 

The Grand Family

Spaziergang 01 20Every year anew it is a privilege for us to walk together, discovering what God has in store. Because - we are family! So far for today, from the huge white house, filling up with people and warmth, laughter and talks, a place where always something is happening. And stay tuned, because you will definitely still hear from these faces - their stories are just being started to be told!

Because where one step is done, a thousand can follow...

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