Laughter and voices can be heard echoing throughout the dining room. Excitement and expectation fill the air. Everyone who arrives dives in to an array of treats at the buffet table, followed by diving in to getting to know the new face sat before them. Can you tell that it’s the start of the new school year? Expectation is in the air...
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The call hasn't stopped

It’s a time where everything is seemingly unpredictable for many due to Covid-19, YET one thing will always remain the same, and that is Jesus. He hasn’t stopped calling people to follow him and never will. The Great commission is still as important now as it ever has been. As Hudson Taylor famously stated “The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.”
That is why we continue to hold the Revival School this year and that is why we have twenty students who have said yes to follow Jesus and become disciples of him this year. That is our commission, that is our call - to train missionaries and full-time workers for the harvest, because the harvest is ripe!
Each student arrived with their own personal expectations of how they want to grow this year or what they want to learn. Yet it all comes down to this one thing - to truly know Jesus. When we know Jesus and love him we can’t help but be transformed in to his image and spread his love to the world!

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We started the year with worship – praising the one is who is worthy. Praising the one whom the school is in existence for.

Healing, provision and more!

In the first days of the school we already heard testimonies of healing, financial provision, and encounters with the love of God. If that’s what God can do in a few days, what can he do in a whole year?
We intentionally follow the guidance of the government and have a good corona concept in place for the beginning of the school year and every student arrived with a negative corona test! We received students from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England and hopefully a Thai student will be joining us later in the year!
Keep your eyes peeled for more stories throughout the year!

Revival week
Are you also hungry to see the world transformed? This is possible through your relationship with Jesus! Join us for our next Revival week with Wes Hall 19-28th March 2021. Check out our website for more information!
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