This summer, a GET READY outreach team visited HELP’s ministry in Omsk for three weeks. Our emphasis was to strengthen the community there and to unveil together new dimensions of the Holy Spirit and pass on the love of God to children and adults. Despite some language barriers, we were warmly welcomed in the community. In “Shanghai”, a poor district, worship songs (and soccer) quickly opened the hearts of children and their parents. A man who said he was an atheist, was drawn by our worship songs. He experienced deliverance when one of our team members sang out a personal song from God over him.
At the rehab, which is part of the HELP ministry in Omsk, the Holy Spirit deeply touched people throughout the outreach. A rehab guest reports: “During one worship time I strongly sensed the peace of God and my hands became hot.” We had the impression that he had just received the gift of healing and encouraged him to pray for the sick. When he started doing that another rehab guest got healed of liver pain ... more healings took place the day after. Alleluia, thank you Jesus!
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