A Review of the Prophetic Art & Dance Seminar with Pastor Annabelle Ocampo (Jesus Flock, Manila) & Linde Hals (FCJG)

It was the heart of David that mattered the most when he was chosen as king. Likewise, it is far more about the heart of an artist than about his dance, painting, poem or other external expressions.

This truth was underlined by Pastor Annabelle Ocampo‘s own life story: As a young Christian she experienced a release in worship dance. This dramatic event revived her hardened heart. Over the years the worship dance has protected and kept her love to Jesus alive.

During the seminar God was freeing hearts from anger, shame and rejection. At the same time destinies were confirmed and pride unmasked. With tears in her eyes a participant shared how God restored her identity. Before, she had been ashamed of her origin. But now God spoke to her personally and she understood that her nationality is a part of his good plan for her life. Not ending there, she continued to share that she was delivered from anger. During a mime by Pastor A. Ocampo she was filled with great joy instead.

It is no surprise, Pastor A. Ocampo explained, when a story told with mime casts out anger. The ministering arts - the dance, drama and mime in worship are making a visual statement that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, they communicate spiritual truths in a way words cannot, they cut through a level that demands an emotional and spiritual response.

Besides the teaching that opened new understanding about prophetic art, the love to Jesus was deepened. This love was expressed in pictures, poems, dances and pantomime. The vision was broadened as we saw that the call to glorify God through creativity is woven into the great commission. If God has our heart, He has everything. Then He can lead us into our destiny and our art and life will glorify Him.



New development in tambourine dancing:

We are excited to see how the dancing with tambourine is going to develop in Europe after this seminar! In Asia, where Pastor A. Ocampo comes from, the tambourine dance has become a powerful and united expression in the church. In the individualistic minded western world, dancing with the tambourine hasn’t found much appeal yet.

One participant shared her experience: “The dance and the tambourine was a lot of fun. Before I thought tambourine dancing was simple and boring. But when we started I saw what technique was behind it. We heard about the breakthrough tambourine dance can bring forth. I'm very thankful that I finally got it.”

Tabera Lahr (His Praise Art, Augsburg), an experienced flag dancer and already trained tambourine dancer, says about the seminar: Annabel Ocampo has rekindled my love and my fire to play the tambourine. Yes, even confirmed. Soon you will get an invitation from me to play the tambourine. :-)

Linde Hals and the Prayer House-team
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