I'm in the House of Prayer for the Nations. Two hours in front of me ... 120 minutes for prayer. Prayer for nations.
I am not after words. I walk around a bit and pray in tongues. I take the Bible in my hand ... I want to pray with the word. How tough it is today! "Holy Spirit, please come, help me to pray. I don't know how and what to pray! "


Suddenly a thought comes to me: "If dancing can be intercession, if a painted picture can be prayer and proclamation ... then what about design?" My heart starts to pound. When I start my MacBook, I clearly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. It's like He's sitting next to me, looking over my shoulder, with benevolence and encouragement.

"The worldmap! In gold! For the whole earth should be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord! The lands are full of His honor! The earth is full of His glory! ”I pray, I sing as I design. Design becomes prayer. Yes, intercession can be like this! This is how prophetic proclamation can be expressed!

Postkarte Full of his Glory 2

The result of this prayer time is a beautiful postcard with stylish gold refinement. You can order it in our shop (click here) ... and be reminded to call it out - in the face of all crises, wars, diseases and catastrophes: “The earth is full of His glory! Amen! This is how it should be and how it will be! "

Desiree Fuhrmann

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