Our summer highlight was a Father’s House Camp at the beach in Mindoro. The kids jumped with joy when they heard we would have one because the last was three years ago. The time was filled with fun and games at the beach, good food, swimming, sand castles and wonderful family fellowship – so nice!

Hearing God’s Voice

However, the best gift ever was that three of our younger kids, one volunteer and one staff were baptized in the sea! Furthermore, we had beautiful sessions in God’s presence where the Holy Spirit ministered very deeply to our teenagers; healing deep wounds of rejection, abandonment and abuse. One young girl said that God does not speak to her. After the first day swimming, she had severe ear pain and God healed her during our worship time. After that, she heard God saying to her to get baptized! She was so happy that she heard His voice! She got baptized the next day, and when she came out of the water, tears of joy were streaming down her face and she had the most beautiful smile!

Beloved Kids

We have been praying and discussing taking in new kids since the beginning of the year; but when some staff left, we thought we might have to put our plans on hold. However, God challenged us not to shrink back – and in the past three months, we took in five new kids! The youngest is a cute little five-year-old girl. She was very sick and is as little as a three-year-old. Her health has improved greatly and she is a joy to have around. Two girls, who already experienced much suffering, were in danger of being trafficked by their pimp father. Now at the Father's House, they can just be children and are loved as they are.

We also have two new boys in the family! More and more we realize that even if it means more work and everyone is challenged to ‘go the extra mile’, this is God’s heart: To take in the orphans and the brokenhearted. This decision was confirmed in many ways. One clear sign is that the ‘older’ kids are blooming and growing as big brothers (kuya) and sisters (ate). Our God is the original multiplier – whether in terms of fish, finances or family members!

The Rock

Edwina and Jolito, an older couple, had a deep experience with God and got obviously radically changed. She was delivered from gambling, and when he saw this change in his wife, he also started to believe. They have been walking with the Holy Spirit. This couple is very poor. When he had his birthday, they were sad that there was no money for a small celebration. Their little granddaughter was singing “Nothing is impossible with God” when suddenly there was a knock on the door. A man they did not know was standing there and brought a cake and bread for them! There is literally nothing impossible with God!

School Sponsorship

We are still missing quite a number of school sponsors for our kids at the Father’s House and some others in slum areas. Although it is not that big a cost, when there are almost 30 kids and youth to cover, the total is quite staggering. By sponsoring a child with USD 50 per month for education, you will have a big part in changing the life of a child. Please consider our appeal to be a school sponsor – it would be a tremendous help.

Thank you!

Once again, we as staff, volunteers and kids want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your friendship and support. We constantly thank God for you and pray His blessings over you. You are a very important part of our ministry, our family and our lives!
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