When my wife and I gave our lives to Jesus, we were determined to do what Jesus has called us to do – to go into all the world, to preach and demonstrate the gospel thus spreading the kingdom of God in power.

Open hearts

In the beginning, our hearts and minds were big enough to reach our hometown. Over the years we then developed a vision for Germany. However, since the mid-80s God expanded our vision drastically and he has led us into many nations of this world. It’s a privilege to have a share in seeing the kingdom of God unfolding in nations such as Nagaland, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia as well as in Europe, the USA, Latin America and even Australia. God is opening doors for us … and we simply go through whatever door is open.

Heidenreichs London


In recent months, these doors were called ZOOM as travelling was restricted. However, God is still on the move throughout this earth – and whether we can go in person or simply deliver God’s love via ZOOM, we take every opportunity to minister the divine love and the power of the Holy Spirit wherever and whenever possible. Just look at the recent response of the poor in Pakistan when I preached the gospel:


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Blessings to you,
Walter Heidenreich
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