»The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.« 2. Cor. 13:14

This is Walter's Norway report, »Finally I get around to write a newsletter. I was on a revival tour throughout this beautiful country. Thank you, Olaf Olsen and Linde Hals, who were my companions and translators.

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They mended the Nets

Norway and Germany share a mutual spiritual history which is worth pondering and praying about. In 1907, two Norwegian sisters, filled with the Holy Spirit, came to Germany. They were instrumental in bringing many people in touch with the Holy Spirit. This was a time when God poured his mercy over our nation and breathed new life into his people. However, instead of celebrating, the Berlin Declaration creeped in due to lack of spiritual leadership, and with it the wonderful move of God was doomed and condemned. Over and over again, the two Norwegian sisters asked the leaders of the revival in those days to please discern the spirits – however, it was in vain.

This response birthed evil consequences. Germany started two World Wars which brought incredible suffering for so many people. We even didn’t shrink back from persecuting God’s chosen people, and with the Holocaust we almost destroyed the Jews. After these terrible wars, our land was divided with a thick wall demonstrating in the natural what had happened in the spiritual realm, too: Division. Praise be to God, not all leaders signed the Berlin Declaration, thus this dark hour of our nation became the birth of the Pentecostal Movement in Germany. Hallelujah!

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All of this is stirring my heart and I hope and pray that Norway and Germany together get another divine opportunity to be a blessing to Europe and the nations. There is a book in German called Sie flickten die Netze (They mended the Nets) by Giese, which I highly recommend!«

From East to West

In the first four months of this year, we travelled to Uganda, the Philippines, Pakistan, Austria and Norway. Each missions trip was an own adventure. It is very moving to see that despite different life conditions the hunger for God remains the same. Everywhere we see the people and body of Christ being dedicated and living out the Gospel message. People give their lives to Jesus and get right with their past, they get baptized and experience the deeper meaning of being born again.

It is so refreshing and exhilarating to witness all of the above – however, it also draws us into prayer. We in Europe are more desperate for the Holy Spirit than anywhere else. To this day, the resistance toward the Holy Spirit in our continent and foremost in Germany is stronger than anywhere in the world. It’s our prayer that God may grant us once more grace for a true revival and a mighty harvest of people who otherwise would get lost. Please pray with us!

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Thank you …

… for standing with us in friendship, prayer and supporting us. We are already planning our next trips, which lead us to Switzerland, to Austria and from there to the Czech Republic and then we go to Japan.
May the Holy Spirit be your encourager and permanent companion in life – the best thing that can ever happen to you.

Walter and Irene 

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We hope to be able to welcome you in Lüdenscheid on the the occasion of the AFRICA Conference ... and following this event, you may do outreach with HELP International to places where we have already gone: Uganda, Vienna, Lüdenscheid!
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