No Trip too long for More of the Holy Spirit!

"I came all the way from the island of Borkum to join the day seminar Tongues of Fire. I have being praying for Borkum for a long time according to Psalm 2:8: 'Ask of me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance'.
Just a week before the seminar, God specifically asked me again, if I was prepared to be completely available for HIM. As I responded with a clear 'Yes' I sensed a strong urge to come to the seminar on the prayer mountain on Saturday.
It was an important day in my life: The Holy Spirit was present in such a strong way... And I received God's answer – deep in my heart and confirmed by prophetic words: God wants to save Borkum by the fire of His grace! And He wants to use me! I am so thankful, that I could be there in the indescribable, overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. No journey is too long for that!"

ToF Praying for Borkum

Ute from Borkum was not the only one to come traveling from far. Someone had made a quick decission to come all the way from Leibzig. He had sensed the Holy Spirit urging him, when he read about the seminar on our website. Others came from the Netherlands and from Southern Germany.

We encourage you to listen to Walter Heidenreichs sermon (You can download it here or order the CD) Invite the Holy Spirit to touch you personally as you listen. Because meeting Him is what changes us forever!


ToF Walter

A few more statements from the day seminar and the following service that was also broadcast via lifestream:

"I was healed during the service! For weeks I had had severe, increasing back pain that felt more and more like a slipped disk. When Walter made an altar call for back pain, hips etc. I went to the front immediately. Someone prayed for me – not very long – and the pain disappeared at once! I was able to make certain movements that had been impossible to do for a long time. Thank you Jesus!" Ilona

"I came in on the life stream a little late. The anointing could be felt even in my living room. The Holy Spirit was there, I enjoyed, was refreshed and encouraged when I went to bed. Yes, not in our own strenth or by our good intentions but by His Spirit! Love it!" Eli

"I never have experienced anything like this before! The Holy Spirit met me so strongly in many different ways. It was simply awesome! Thank you!" Paul

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