We had a great time at BURNING HEARTS KIDS. More than 200 children came to the conference and marvelous things happened. The openness of the children to hear God’s voice, to receive his love or to simply enjoy his presence was overwhelming. Children received visions and impressions from heaven, they experienced how God delivered them from fear and how he healed broken hearts.

Already on the first day physical pain disappeared. A too short leg became 3 cm longer. Every day the children reported healings. A few children invited Jesus as their friend into their lives for the first time, many received the Holy Spirit and the speaking in tongues. A twelve year old girl conceived from God, that she should preach. Her words came with great power and many children lifted up their arms, because they wanted to be set free from fear caused by harsh movies or from addiction to pc-games. Some guest speakers from BURNING HEARTS also came to the children. They preached very honest about God’s calling, the power of God and miracles, which God is doing today.

The times of worship were special. The children expressed what they saw and what they felt for Jesus in dancing, singing and paintings. Joy spread all over the room. Jesus was celebrated, praised, and lifted high - through the mouth and the life of children!


Boy, 10 years old:

As they prayed for me, I sensed God’s love very powerfully. God took something dark out of me and something bright came in. 

I saw a white blue gate and there was Jesus. At the end He took  me in his arms.

It was soooo great! Will there be something like this next year? 

A father:
My daughter accepted Jesus as her friend for the first time. Since then she feels so free. 

Monika, staff:
A boy in my group was healed from pain in his knee, another one was healed from a twisted crest. One girl received the speaking in tongues. After the children got their crowns, one boy didn’t want to put it off anymore. He rested in the Holy Spirit and felt very secure. 

A mother via email:
My daughter is ten years old and was very excited to come to you every single day. She took every information about Jesus she could get. On the last day the Holy Spirit came upon her, she fell down and had a vision about heaven and also about hell, but she longed for heaven. And ther were many angels at the frontside. She said, it was so beautiful. She never experienced something as beautiful as this. 
Yesterday for some reason I had a strong pain in my leg. I had to walk with a limp. In the evening my daughter prayed for me and the next day I was able to walk again. She was very happy, that Jesus healed me. This morning a conflict was looming and I got indignant, then she said: „Mom, I could get angry now, because you are annoying me, but I don’t want this anymore.“ Oh thank you, right now my daughter is full of peace, this is awesome.
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