Back then…

10 years ago we (Jeannine, David, Jael and Lena, Michael and Luise) all came to the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid, because we were hungry for more of God and in order to take a next step. We have never met before and came together from all different places of Germany and Switzerland. All of us somehow knew, that God had called us into missions but we had no idea where, when and how. So, and then here we were, setting out for the Philippines together for our international outreach.

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None of us had any real experiences with living abroad and from the very beginning our outreach turned out to be quite different: Just shortly after we had arrived, the Philippines have been hit by one of the worst typhoons in years, flooding most of Metro Manila and turning our outreach upside down. Thus, we just landed in the midst of everyday chaos and besides getting to know our ministry of Help International, we also encountered reality in the squatter areas and in a state of emergency. But most of all the outreach really changed our lives:

My heart for street kids?

"When I was still a child I heard a true story about a boy living on the streets of Manila. This story got me since that time and so I knew I had to go to the Philippines for my outreach. During our time there I was living in the "Set Free Center", a place where former drug addicts get rehabilitation and have a place to live. One experience is still outstanding to me. It was during an outreach to Payatas, a garbage dump in the middle of Manila. We went to a half-rotten hut in this place and were able to share the gospel with some youths and children. Another thing that got stuck in my heart. Sometime later, our ministry in Manila started a work among street children called "The Rock". A place, where street kids could come, eat, have a shower, just be and hearing about Jesus. Whenever I heard stories about what was happening in "The Rock", my heart started racing. Then, 1 1/2 years ago, God started talking to me about street kids and that it was He who placed them inside of my heart. From that moment on it didn't take me long to know, where I want to minister to those kids. In Manila." Michael

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Love makes the difference

For my first outreach I actually signed up for China, a nation I always wanted to go to once. But then, one of our leaders shared about the ministry in the Philippines and especially the stories of the staff and kids from the Father's House, a home for former street kids, touched me so deeply, that I suddenly knew I had to go to the Philippines instead of China. And that was the best decision! During the outreach I was sharing an 8-bed dorm with the teens of the Father's House, right in the middle of everything. It really touched and impacted me to see that you can make a difference in the lives of children, who have no one, who believes in them and who neither have a future. But no matter if it was in the Father's House or on the streets and squatter areas, God's love in us and flowing through us does make the difference. Back then I was just 19 years old and during that time God used the outreach to confirm my calling into mission that I had received as a child already. And the story continues. In 2011 I moved for almost 5 years to the Philippines and now this country, that was so foreign and different in the beginning, has become my second home. What looked to be "just" an outreach, turned out to be a game changer." Luise

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Calling a city of 23 million home?

“Back in 2009, we as a whole family attended the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid, because we knew that our next step would be into mission, but we had no clue where to. During our time at the school we deeply experienced God and our hunger for Him increased. Finally, we joined the international outreach the Philippines - with two toddlers, an adventure indeed! Because of the typhoon, 80% of Manila was flooded and we joined helping out cleaning and relief works. This was the first time for us in squatter areas and we were really touched by all those kind, lovely and happy people, who have been still smiling, even though they just lost everything. Back in Germany, we had the GO from God to go to the Philippines with a long-term perspective. Now, we are living here since 2010 and honestly - 10 years ago we could have never imagined to live in a city with 23 million citizens. That was never what we dreamed of! But today it is our home and we love, because God has called us. To be available and act upon his call is our greatest joy and privilege!" Jeannine, David, Lena und Jael

challenge 6

challenge 6


These are our stories. As you can see, the outreach really left its mark, gave perspective, opened up godly possibilities and shaped us on our personal journey with God. It was a first step leading to many. And we are thankful for this outreach and most of all what was released in us through it. And somehow, we all got stuck in the Philippines :) Family Specht is now living in Manila since almost 10 years, thankful for everything God has done already. Michael is just preparing to go to the Philippines with a long-term perspective and Luise is back in Germany, leading our international mission school, Revival School on the Move, preparing others to go and passing on what she experienced in her 5 years in the Philippines.

Our hearts are beating to see God's kingdom come and his will be done, wherever we go. Everyone of us made himself available for God, because we know that is the best thing ever to do.

Challenge accepted??

And maybe God is also challenging you to take a step in faith. Maybe he talked to you already about missions, but you haven't responded yet. Maybe NOW is the time for you to step out, so that you can look back in 10 years, astonished of what he has done and how he lead you in the best way.
We experienced how God used the REVIVAL SCHOOL in our lives as a tool to step out in faith. For others an outreach with HELP International was such a key, giving perspective. We accepted the challenge - are you also ready? To accept the challenge, surrender your life to God and to move forward with him to marvel later what he has done?

Then TODAY is the best day to allow God to write his story - with you.

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