Training people to proclaim the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit for two weeks – that was the vision of Power Evangelism.

Almost every day we went to the streets of Luedenscheid to preach the Good News, that God is alive and that he saves. We received tools to share the Gospel in a creative, powerful and clear way. Be it to serve people in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to pantomime or just to have an open ear for people, what it was all about was to bring the love of God to the people. Many people experienced that. They were healed, delivered, saved and in the second week came to our evangelistic evenings “God News – experiencing miracles”.

“During an outreach I was at a bakery shop to buy a coke. Behind me there was a young woman with crutches. I spoke to her and she told me that she had twisted her ankle in the morning and that she feels heavy pain right now. I told her that I pray for the sick and that Jesus loves to heal. So she sat down and I laid hands on her and prayed. The swelling disappeared, she stood up, laid down the crutches and walked through the whole shop. She was totally moved, because Jesus just healed her completely.”

God also encountered every single participant very deeply. As we start moving forward to bring his kingdom to the lost ones of this world, we also experience how the kingdom of God takes shape in us more and more.

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