God News – Experiencing miracles

The name says it all. On these evenings, which were part of the Power Evangelism training weeks, the Gospel was preached in power. Many supernatural healings took place. Knees got healed, spinal disks, skin diseases and a lot more. People were touched by the power of God and received a new life. Jesus loves this city and he loves to encounter and to save people! Some testimonies:

“I was allowed to pray for a woman, who was almost deaf in one ear. She had that for almost twenty years. When we prayed God opened her ear. She was able to hear much better and was totally touched.”

“I came here, because I read on a poster that you’re going to pray for the sick here. For a long time I had pain in my knees. Then someone prayed for me and it became much better.”

“For years I had problems with my feet. Many operations just made the pain even worse. Now Jesus completely healed me and all pain is gone.”

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