Burning Hearts Summer 2020

4 weeks of healing and salvation for Germany
on the Prayer Mountain for the Nations in Lüdenscheid

Be with us, when Burning Hearts Summer 2020 will be kicked off on the Prayer Mountain for the Nations in Lüdenscheid!
The topic will be: 4 weeks of healing and salvation for Germany.
With Dr. Charles Ndifon, Dr. LaDonna Osborn, Donna Schambach and Walter Heidenreich – and many more!

Burning Hearts Summer 2020

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This was Burning Hearts 2018 ...

It’s been a fantastic time together at Burning Hearts at the Schützenhalle in Lüdenscheid. We are still deeply touched of how powerfully the Holy Spirit moved amongst us and of what God has done. Read on to hear and see some of the many highlights of Burning Hearts 2018.

The necklace
So many wonderful testimonies have meanwhile come in. We’d like to share one that actually brought someone here.
A young lady from overseas wanted to attend Burning Hearts, but was lacking resources. Upon a divine impression, she looked into a small sachet which held all kinds of plastic jewels – nothing of worth – and suddenly she held a golden necklace in her hands … Where did that come from? She went to a jeweler’s who testified that this piece was of such purity of gold, which he has never seen before. She sold the necklace and with the proceeds she was able to pay everything to attend Burning Hearts.

Healing, deliverance, new life
During the sessions in the main venue as well as in the Power Tent, people were healed and delivered – some of them got prayed for, others not. Deafness, SDH, back and shoulder pain were healed … and many more diseases. People gave their lives to Jesus during »March for Jesus« as well as in their accommodations and were baptized with the Holy Spirit AND with water … someone took the opportunity to get baptized in the bathtub of a hotel … Testimonies are still coming in, even from people living abroad who were touched while watching the livestream …

Go ... to the missions field!
The No. 1 topic of the event was »Burning Hearts … for the nations«. Like a red threat it launched its way through the sessions and now people want to »do the thing properly«. A couple approached the HELP booth during the event and inquired about options to go to missions. God had spoken to them some time ago about selling everything and going to missions. With Burning Hearts, God confirmed this call upon their lives and now they want to take further steps.
Others have received God’s call to enroll in the Revival School, and again others are actually going to the nations doing outreaches. If you want to join, our doors are wide open …
It’s our prayer that the good seed will grow in each of you and bear much fruit in order to advance God’s kingdom … in Germany, in Europe and unto the ends of the earth.


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What's next?

Burning Hearts Mongolia 2019

Burning Hearts goes on – in June 2019, we will celebrate Burning Hearts in Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia). More information is available soon on www.helpinternational.de.

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Revival School

Are you decided to lay down your life for God and to be trained and equipped for a supernatural, missional life style? Do you have nations and peoples on your heart that need Jesus? We want to help you and equip you to fully walk in your calling and in the life style God has for you.

Let yourself be trained at the Revival School – from 2 weeks up to a year.
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Are you carrying the nations on your heart? Maybe the Revival School on the Move might be the exact match for you: 1 school, 1 year, 3 continents!
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March for Jesus in your city!

We would like to encourage you to make Jesus famous in your city, too. Keep it as simple and authentic as possible! Because the Name of Jesus has power – and there is nothing that we should be ashamed of! The gospel is the Good News! We are excited to see the fire when one city after another comes to know Jesus ...

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