»Go into all the nations and make disciples of all people and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.« (Matthew 28:19)
This is the commission. Our commission. Your commission.

But often it feels so detached and far away from the reality that we are living in - how can we enter into a lifestyle as Jesus told his disciples to live in?
Jesus told his disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit, to receive his power and anointing before going - EQUIPMENT.
However, Jesus also took his disciples everywhere he went and taught them along the way - LEARNING BY DOING.

The REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move sets a frame in which these biblical principles are combined and can be experienced - equipment with the Holy Spirit, learning by going. Starting in Germany, the school provides a foundation to dig deeper into and get rooted in the word of God alongside with having opportunities to grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit and learning practical things about missions and the nations. Then the school gets on the move and is transferred to the nations, where your training will continue, enriched by the emphasis of the respective nation. At the same time, you will already be an active worker in the harvest, passing on what you have received from God.
The school is especially addressing all those, who sense God’s call on their lives for a long-term missions, who want to make themselves available, get trained and go … all at the same time.
Missions is not primarily about action, it’s about the heart of the Father going out to the nations. It’s about the victory of Jesus that has been accomplished for all people, and it is about the power of the Holy Spirit enabling us to advance his kingdom in all the world.

This is the call. Our call. Your call. The harvest is ripe - will you go?

At a glance

The REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move is a nine-month-training-program, divided into three parts. The school goes from January to October. Part 1 is the kick-off in Lüdenscheid for all students, cooperating closely with our REVIVAL SCHOOL. For the other parts in the nations, you can choose where you want to go. From May to July for Part 2, you can either go to Thailand or to Mongolia. Part 3 takes place from August through October and you can choose between the Philippines or Texas (USA). All ministries outside of Germany are part of HELP International, which is the FCJG’s missions branch. The expenses for the year vary - depending on the combination of nations you choose, but it will not exceed the range of 6000 EUR to 8100 EUR, including the flights.

Other Facts

As a REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move student you become part of our national and international FCJG community while living with us. This includes your participation in our devotions, family nights, and services. Often times, discipleship only becomes feasible through living in community - thus, living in a shared bedroom and joining practical daily work are part of the school program. Find more information about our daily life HERE.
Since you will be interacting a lot with international people, basic knowledge in ENGLISH is important/required for this school. You should also be willing to embrace new cultures and get along with a very simple way of living.

News for 2022

The REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move will not take place in 2022.
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