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March for Jesus - The history

In the early 90s, I was privileged to be part of the global »March for Jesus« movement (MfJ) in which course I was responsible for several marches. Thousands gathered in Nuremburg, Lüdenscheid and Berlin for one purpose alone: to go to the streets for Jesus, to openly and publicly worship him and to pray for Germany. The two national Marches in Berlin alone counted more than 135,000 people, and the name of Jesus echoed throughout the capital city. This was an act of vital significance for the visible and invisible world: Christians of all denominations gathered together in unity! A hitch went through God’s people in Germany. After years of hiding, shame and restraint, German Christians rose up and spoke with one voice … and – the most significant – they publicly carried the German flag. Back then, you hardly ever saw anyone doing this. However, since Germany’s »Summer Tale« of 2006 (World Soccer Championship), any big event in Germany cannot be imagined without the German flag.

After the second »March for Jesus« in Berlin, I felt that a season had come to an end. As body of Christ we had risen up in public, we had repented, we had invited the Holy Spirit into Germany anew – that was it, it was time to move on. Furthermore, God highlighted other things …

I was more than astounded when out of the blue »March for Jesus« was suddenly on the agenda again in the beginning of this year. I felt the Holy Spirit’s urge to do IT again. Should we? On my ministry trips throughout Germany as well as in our own community, many – especially young people – asked, »Can we do IT again?« Yes, we can … and we will!

On May 19, 2018 we will do a »March for Jesus« in Lüdenscheid which launches into an open air evangelistic crusade in the center of town. The Gospel of Jesus Christ must be taken to the streets of Europe, so that people will get saved, healed and delivered. As body of Christ we are to go to the streets of our cities and villages – to the hot spots where people are. Not to protest against anything, but to publicly celebrate a joyful truth: that God is love!

May the Holy Spirit use »March for Jesus« as an initial spark for God’s people and ignite a spiritual firestorm that we may go and fulfill the Great Commission. Join us on May 19, 2018 – you are most welcome to Lüdenscheid. Jesus is the Victor!

Walter Heidenreich

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"... and still I want him to be healed! So I went home and night after night I prayed over him: You are healed!"

Directly from Diane's kitchen ... a cool story about healing! Diane is a mother of four sons and one foster child. At the Burning Hearts conference two years ago she took one of her boys who had asthma to a session about healing. There were many words of knowledge and a lot of healings ... Diane: "All kind of organs were metioned, but not the lungs ..." In this clip Diane tells what happend next.

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Todd White predigt auf dem Sternplatz in Lüdenscheid
On Saturday afternoon during BURNING HEARTS hundreds of participants with a burning heart ran into the whole city. There was a faith, that signs and wonders would happen through the Holy Spirit. Smaller teams also evangelized in Hagen, Werdohl and Altena. Todd White and Ben Fitzgerald proclaimed the gospel, people converted and sick got healed. Many people encountered Jesus personally on the street.

Youths at the plaza, who were demonstrating for the free use of cannabis, encountered Jesus and together with some other people they got saved that afternoon. For one woman it was painful to walk, she also sat in a wheelchair, then she got prayer and was able to walk much better - and without pain.

A five-year-old girl received an impression from God, where she saw a man with a blue jacket. The child’s family finally met exactly this Syrian in the city. They told them about Jesus, prayed for him and 
were able to encourage him. Now his children come to the children’s group. 

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"I've come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already ablaze!“ (Luke 12:49)

To describe BURNING HEARTS with only a few words is nearly impossible, but if it had to be done, these would be the words most fitting. People from over 30 nations gathered in Lüdenscheid and experienced the intense presence of the Holy Spirit. In many participants a new fire of passion for Jesus was fanned into flame.

A Fire of Worship

TENGERIN DOO (Mongolian for 'Sound of Heaven'): „... when you gather, everyone has something.“ (1. Cor. 14:26) In other words: "I participate in the worship with the gifts that God has given me." This is the kind of worship we have been doing in our fellowship for a few years now. It was exiting to see if this would also work with 2000 participants from different backgrounds. And it did work! We went with the flow of a Holy Spirit inspired worship. God has so much more for us than just being entertained by a band in worship. We are not to passively wait what might happen. It is for everyone to be involved!

Fire of Passion

‚What does fear of man mean and how can I be set free from it?' That was a big topic throughout the event. God is igniting a new fire in us - a fire of passion for Jesus and a fire of the Saviour's love for a lost world! Power messages from Mel Tari, Ben Fitzgerald, Todd White and Walter Heidenreich called us into this new passion for the lost world. No one else but the people of God is the answer to the cry of the lost for salvation. In Jesus we have the power and the authority to perform miracles. This message and its impact brought hundreds of participants into the steets of Luedenscheid and surroundings during the event. This has blessed our city so much! Right there and then people reveived healing and salvation.

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Power Tent

At the same time as the sessions in the event hall there were teachings of the guest speakers in the Power Tent. Motto and vision was to hear, reinforce and activate. Participants experienced healing and deliverance. They grew in faith and took possesion of their calling - e.g. a young woman, who was moved so much by God's heart for the lost, she had to cry all through the session. Immediately after, she went and preached the gospel with new passion and boldness. She could not keep quiet about her God, whom she had experienced so intensely.

BURNING HEARTS Kids – the Leaders of Tomorrow

It was a highlight in itself to see 200 kids express their love to Jesus in song, dance and pictures. This way they passed on, what they had received from Jesus. As with the adults the topic was freedom from fear.Fear that had come into the kids´ lives through movies and video games. Kids preached for kids, sharing about their personal experiences of how they had been set free from fear and received forgiveness. Kids invited Jesus into their lives and received the gift of praying in tongues. A 12year old girl felt led to preach. Another one received a very specific prophetic impression, which she applied on Saturday during the outreach in the streets. Others had prophetic dreams. There were supernatural revelations and deep encounters with God in abundance. The Holy Spirit himself planted invaluable seeds into the hearts of tomorrow's leaders.

40 Years of FCJG

During BURNING HEARTS we also looked back at 40 years of FCJG history: 40 years of experiencing the love and faithfulness of God for our fellowship. We are very thankful for everyone who invested their lives to help building FCJG. You have helped FCJG to become a part of Kingdom-of-God history. And it continues to write history today! But most of all we give honour to Jesus - because of Him we are, what we are.

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BURNING HEARTS has been broadcasted all over the world by GOD TV. They made it possible for people to see and experience the event live on air. Statstics show that people from over 30 nations joined in live... Testimonies from many different countries have come in even until today! People were encouraged or healed in front of their TV. 'Everyone has something´ has been imparted to those in far away places.Testimonies sent to us and to GOD TV are proof of that... and continue to come in. BURNING HEARTS is still available at www.god.tv.

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Training in the gifts of the Spirit
Jesus commissioned his disciples: „Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleans lepers, drive out demons. You have received without payment, so give without payment.“ (Matthew 10:8 ISV). In their own strength they were not capable of these things, they needed the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ life showed them how they could work through the gifts of the Holy Spirit just as he had done. Being disciples of Jesus, we have the same commission today. You are called to preach the gospel and demonstrate the kingdom of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Signs and miracles are meant to flow from your life, so many people can be saved and experience the love and power of God.
Same as the first disciples you need the gifts of the Holy Spirit for that.
Are you ready for that? Are you craving for such a lifestyle? Then the Power Tent is the right place for you. The tent will be there exactly for this: to equip people to minister by the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Our guest speakers at Burning Hearts are men and women of God, who have walked in the power of God and the supernatural dimension for years. They will train you to enter into this lifestyle with the Holy Spirit.
The whole thing will be very down-to-earth: You will discover, which gifts God has given you and how to use them. You can discover new gifts and learn to grow in them. There will be many opportunities for you to put the newly gained knowledge into practice. You will experience God working through you as you step out boldly. You will love it!
Mächtiges Wirken Gottes unter Kindern
We had a great time at BURNING HEARTS KIDS. More than 200 children came to the conference and marvelous things happened. The openness of the children to hear God’s voice, to receive his love or to simply enjoy his presence was overwhelming. Children received visions and impressions from heaven, they experienced how God delivered them from fear and how he healed broken hearts.

Already on the first day physical pain disappeared. A too short leg became 3 cm longer. Every day the children reported healings. A few children invited Jesus as their friend into their lives for the first time, many received the Holy Spirit and the speaking in tongues. A twelve year old girl conceived from God, that she should preach. Her words came with great power and many children lifted up their arms, because they wanted to be set free from fear caused by harsh movies or from addiction to pc-games. Some guest speakers from BURNING HEARTS also came to the children. They preached very honest about God’s calling, the power of God and miracles, which God is doing today.

The times of worship were special. The children expressed what they saw and what they felt for Jesus in dancing, singing and paintings. Joy spread all over the room. Jesus was celebrated, praised, and lifted high - through the mouth and the life of children!


Boy, 10 years old:

As they prayed for me, I sensed God’s love very powerfully. God took something dark out of me and something bright came in. 

I saw a white blue gate and there was Jesus. At the end He took  me in his arms.

It was soooo great! Will there be something like this next year? 

A father:
My daughter accepted Jesus as her friend for the first time. Since then she feels so free. 

Monika, staff:
A boy in my group was healed from pain in his knee, another one was healed from a twisted crest. One girl received the speaking in tongues. After the children got their crowns, one boy didn’t want to put it off anymore. He rested in the Holy Spirit and felt very secure. 

A mother via email:
My daughter is ten years old and was very excited to come to you every single day. She took every information about Jesus she could get. On the last day the Holy Spirit came upon her, she fell down and had a vision about heaven and also about hell, but she longed for heaven. And ther were many angels at the frontside. She said, it was so beautiful. She never experienced something as beautiful as this. 
Yesterday for some reason I had a strong pain in my leg. I had to walk with a limp. In the evening my daughter prayed for me and the next day I was able to walk again. She was very happy, that Jesus healed me. This morning a conflict was looming and I got indignant, then she said: „Mom, I could get angry now, because you are annoying me, but I don’t want this anymore.“ Oh thank you, right now my daughter is full of peace, this is awesome.
We have been asked a lot: “Didn´t you invite any bands?“ or "Will so-and-so play at the conference?“ Following we’d like to give you some information:

In 1 Cor. 14:26 the Apostle Paul describes a gathering of brothers - a service where the people of God gather. He says: „What then does it mean, brothers? When you gather, everyone has a psalm (God´s word being read or sung), has a teaching (inspired and spontaneous preaching), has a tongue (gift of the Spirit), has a revelation (prophecy, wisdom, knowledge, healing, help, all inspired, spontaneous) has an interpretation (e.g. of tongues).“

On the move

This word has been deeply moving us. For four years we have been on a journey to discover the secret of this scripture. It describes mature, free Christians, that come before Jesus and gather around Him to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. With the purpose of ushering all of this in, we got rid of the stage, arranged the seats in a circle around the cross and put open microphones into the middle.
Everyone who receives something inspired by the Holy Spirit during worship can take the microphone and share it. There is no pastor checking it beforehand or a worship band that fills the evening with sets of songs. Everyone has something and it is all about worshiping Jesus.

Due to that development, many thought we wouldn´t have musicians anymore and no-one leading the meeting. However, these people are still in place, but each with a new assignment: as people who support and serve in the background ushering in what the Holy Spirit has on His agenda. This journey is new, fresh, and exciting every time. And in the midst of it we are experiencing the power and presence of God very strongly. The gifts of the Spirit begin to flow and to enfold .The supernatural is manifesting.

Fearless, free Christians

BURNING HEARTS is meant to be a movement of fearless, free Christians that are willing to go to the ends of the earth, preaching and demonstrating the gospel. And our worship should be like this: inspired by the Holy Spirit with everyone having a share in it and moving in a supernatural dimension.

In case you are having thousands of questions after reading this, just scroll our website and take a look at the different video clips of our events and services. And you are certainly welcome to experience it for yourself.
Petra Feddersen
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