In the winter season of last year, a group of students of the REVIVAL SCHOOL Mongolia went to Bayan Ulgii. This region is the most western of the 21 provinces of Mongolia and most of the population are Muslims of Kazakh descent.

In 1992, when Walter Heidenreich visited this country for the very first time with a team of FCJG to preach the Good News of Jesus, they first came to Bayan Ulgii. Back then there was much of the supernatural happening – healing, signs and wonders by the power of the Holy Spirit. A blind man got healed on the market place and after this many people received Jesus as their Savior. Later we were able to start a HELP base in this region.

Bayan Ulgii 05

Now, in November 2018, a team of five set out to spread the gospel in Bayan Ulgii and to prepare this year’s summer outreaches. We would like to share with you what they experienced during this time.

Jesus loves the Kazahk people

Our outreach took 15 days and was full of adventures. For about 30 hours we traveled across rather rough roads. We struggled with harsh weather conditions (snow and wind) and more than once we had to push-start our van to continue. We were kindly received by Munkhuu and Ichko who have been in Ulgii since summer 2018 and are in charge of our ministry there. We really wanted to support them.

Bayan Ulgii 03

During the first week we shared the Good News with people and climbed on a mountain to worship God. There, some people received Jesus as they experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly. We proceeded to Ulaan Had, where around 100 families are living with their herds. The village is close to the Chinese border, most of the people have never heard about Jesus, but were open and willingly to give their lives to Him.

Bayan Ulgii 07

Healing power in Altai

In Altai, we visited several families and preached the gospel. An old lady was sceptical: »It is good for the younger people to believe.« However, that was nothing for her! I noticed that she suffered with health issues, so I asked her and she complained about pain in her legs. I asked if I could pray for her and after some hesitation she agreed. I felt my hands getting very hot when I laid them on her knee. I encouraged her to walk around the room to check if her knee was getting better. She rose to her feet, walked around a little - first very hesitant but she became bolder and bolder. Finally, she began to weep and told us that for a very long time she hadn’t been able to walk without pain and needed help from others. The walking aid, she had used, wasn’t necessary anymore! A loving Father in heaven had mercifully healed her!«

Bayan Ulgii 08

The Story continues ...

After the Burning Hearts Mongolia event in the June 2019, we are doing outreaches in Mongolia and want to send teams to Bayan Ulgii to release the fire of the Holy Spirit. Did you get touched by our testimonies and has your heart caught fire while reading this report about what God is doing among the Kazakh people? Get ready and come - join us at Burning Hearts Mongolia and then go into the harvest of this world – maybe to Bayan Ulgii or wherever God will lead you to go.
Will YOU join?

»»» Find all information about Burning Hearts Mongolia and outreach options here!

Bayan Ulgii 04
What an honor! For 20 years now our HELP Mongolia leaders have faithfully been serving God. Through many ups and downs they have built and advanced the kingdom of God in Mongolia.

20 Jahre 05

Arrival at -43 °C

On February 08th 1998 Tom and Heidi landed with their then 2-year-old daughter Salome and three big suitcases at the snow-covered airport of Ulaanbaatar. The icy winter air of the world’s coldest capital hit their faces with -43 degrees. At that time they probably didn’t think that they would still be living and serving in Mongolia 20 years later – with authority in the power of the Holy Spirit.

20 Jahre 03

Suddenly there came a turning point – Tom

»I was born on a farm in Switzerland and grew up like a real hillbilly. That I would be traveling through the world one day for God – this was not part of my future plans.
Out of different reasons I got involved in alcohol, drugs and other problems. I lived a chaotic life and just did my own thing. The turning point came when I cried out to God in a hotel room in Mexico, because my life had reached rock bottom. During that time Jesus met me supernaturally – in one day I was delivered from 8 years of drug addiction and other bondages. At this time I was 22. Years later I came to the FCJG and God called me and my family to Mongolia long-term. Since then I am serving Him there. My heart is beating for this nation and its people. I want to see revival and the fire of the Holy Spirit falling with signs and wonders as it is written in the bible.
In addition, my ministry traveling to other nations of our HELP-ministries is growing. It is on my heart to lead people into their own 24/7-relationship with the Holy Spirit.
I want to encourage them to be active in the kingdom of God.« Tom Wüthrich

20 Jahre 04

The girl at the window – Heidi

»Who would have thought that my life would go this way …I always dreamed about making a successful carrier as a nurse. I wanted to be a paramedic and rescue and give first aid to seriously injured people all around the world. I was proud of being Swiss and loved to live in my home country. In school I once wrote an essay about a girl standing at the window, dreaming of going into missions. I know today that God already put this calling into my heart when I was a child.
Now I have been living in Mongolia for 20 years and I am traveling through the country and to other nations – not primarily to help people with medical treatment, but to bring them the love of Jesus so that they can get healed and reach the full calling of their lives. Today, I am living the dreams of my life in Mongolia and I know that I am at the right place. I am very thankful to God for that!« Heidi Wüthrich

20 Jahre 06

Thank you!

Thank you for your loyalty, your commitment, devotion and readiness to make sacrifices.
Thank you for your love and humility, your willingness to listen, your leadership and your investment into the Mongolian people. Thank you for not giving up, but always going on, for your wide view and your wisdom.
Thank you for your motivation, orientation and sharing your vision.
Thank you for your open hearts – you are awesome!
Are YOU also willing to receive the fire of revival, to keep it burning and to pass it on?
Our REVIVAL SCHOOL Mongolia team is on outreach on the countryside. They learnt from one of their co-workers that she has been pregnant with a baby in the second month. Normally this is a reason to rejoice. However, one day earlier she was told during a check-up that the doctors couldn't hear any heartbeat of the baby and that it was dead. With this diagnosis and a new appointment to let the doctors get the baby out, our co-worker was sitting in hospital and sharing the whole story with the team.

From death to life

It's these situations that activate our fatih - are we serving a God who makes the impossible possible? Is he the one who brings the dead to life? Or is all of this mere theory? We believe it's the truth! Our team went to visit the young woman in hospital and prayed for her and the baby. When she went to her new appointment, the doctors heard the heartbeat of the baby again and there was no need for any surgery. Thank you, Jesus!

Wunder 03

Miracles today

The miracles we are reading about in the bible are no fairy tales for old. They are promises of God that we are to experience today. They are signes that Jesus did to glorify his Father in heaven. We want to reach out to this in faith and experience things like this in a greater dimension. For we are serving a God of miracles and we are living in a world that is waiting for people to share these with them and who believe in miracles!
»Let’s go to Thailand to the HELP International staff conference 2018!« This was the slogan for some of our leaders and staff members at the end of January. Some of our Mongolian participants flew by plane for the very first time in their lives, left their home country for the very first time and even saw the ocean for the first time.

Eight days later, full with new impressions, new inspiration and clear alignment they all came back home again.

Outreach to Pattaya – worship and evangelism join hands

During this conference we did an outreach to the largest red-light district of the world – Pattaya City. For our staff members it was the first time to be confronted with human trafficking of this size. It was a big challenge for all of us. That night, two teams were working hand in hand: While one stayed praying and worshipping in the prayer room located right in the red-light district, the other split in small groups and went to the streets.

Jesus Hammer 03

Word of knowledge

»Go down the street, turn to the sea front and look for a woman in black.« According to this word we went off. It wasn’t that easy – but seek and you shall find – we met that young lady, a street vendor, sitting in a wheelchair. In spite of language barriers we could pray with her. On our way back we saw her reading our flyers. Two other members of another groups could pray with her – and a third group with Thai translation led her to Jesus that very night.

Jesus Hammer 04

From hopelessness to new life

This woman told us: »I was palnning on committing suicide very soon. I got severely injured in a car accident and since have been sitting in a wheelchair!« We were looking for Jesus and because of this the lady found new life. Isn’t that wonderful? In his unconditional love Jesus is surprising us again and again. How encouraging – Holy Spirit is moving beyond all language barriers. Jesus, you are awesome!
When the Mongolian church was born some 25 years ago, this was linked to a mighty and awesome move of the Holy Spirit. However, that was only the beginning of God' work in Mongolia! Mel Tari from Indonesia, a spiritual father and speaker at the "Revival Fire" conference in Ulaanbaatar said repeatedly: "The coming awaking will be like a hurricane, much stronger than what you have seen so far!" During the first stage it was the missionaries, then the local leaders who "did the work", now a movement of the people of God is about to take place. And "the foundation of our faith is the power of God", said Walter Heidenreich, a spiritual father to Mongolia and also speaker at the conference. Many people experienced this power, a new Pentecost, healing and deliverance during "Revival Fire". The messages from Rachel Wu from London and John Cowper from the States who joined us for the conference were a great blessing as well.

Es ist Jesus Team RF

It is possible

We are very moved by what God has done throughout the conference. The almost 1,000 participants from different parts of the country received a new fire of faith that will change them and the spiritual landscape of Mongolia. The spiritual hunger was enormous, and during the altar calls we were literally almost overrun. At the pastors' meeting at the beginning of the conference something arouse in people's hearts: It is possible that all of Mongolia can be saved and that hundreds of Mongolian Christians will go to the nations where Chingis Khan went before and even beyond, this time as missionaries of God's love!

Revival Fire 08

Testimony after testimony

The following very personal experiences of some give a picture of how Jesus worked in many different ways during these days:

"19 years ago I had a stroke. Since I couldn't pull up one eyelid and was only able to see with one eye. I fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. When I stood up again, I realized that I could open my formerly devastated eye and was able to see again!" (elderly lady from the Henti province)

"Due to my work I had pain in my right shoulder. I was healed." (co-worker of HELP)

"I was healed from a walking handicap after the Holy Spirit worked deliverance in me." (man from the Gobi desert)

"I saw in a vision that my heart was held captive terrible snakes. I experienced deliverance and cleansing. Then I realized that my kidney pain had disappeared!" (young man)

Revival Fire 06

"I have been a believer for eight years but my lifestyle was far from God and I was afraid to have to become a missionary. The fire of the Holy Spirit came on me and I began to cry. I was delivered from fear, my heart was set on fire anew and I decided to live for God's kingdom alone. God showed me a nation He wants me to go to. Then I ran to the front and embraced the feet of Walter Heidenreich. When I did this I received a deep confirmation that God wants to use me in the nations." (woman)

"When I went forward and stood in front of the stage I was healed from my back pain." (young woman)

"I was full of fear and had suicidal thoughts. During the conference I was filled with the Holy Spirit and got delivered from these thoughts!" (young woman)

"I received so much of God's love and was delivered from my sleeping disorder." (woman)

Revival Fire 01

"I came from the east of the country together with my son. For quite a long time I have had lung cancer. I was touched deeply during the conference. Since then I have been able to eat again which I couldn't do before. (elderly man from the Dornod province)

"Two of the conference goers came to my working place and said they wanted to pray for me. I felt very hot inside my stomach. And then I have come here and I am so touched and full of joy by God's presence!" (young woman from Ulaanbaatar)

"During the conference I saw myself in beautiful clothes standing before God and He said: "You are my Miss!" In real life I am already a grandmother, but for God I am a "Miss". His Miss! I am so happy!" (co-worker at HELP from Ulgii)

"Since the age of 16 I have had kidney problems. During the conference I was healed and my pain is gone." (Kazakh man from Ulgii)

Revival Fire 04

"I have known for a long time that I should go to Afghanistan as a missionary, however, I was afraid. Now I know for sure: I will go! God has challenged me and I want to be obedient." (young man)

"During an evangelistic outreach in the course of the conference I asked God where to go. He showed me a certain bus station, and he said that I would meet a man. He showed me the colour of his clothes, some distinguished features of his face and told me his age. Everything was right. The man came with us to the conference and accepted Jesus into his life. I was so excited! " (16-year-old girl from Henti)

"During the evangelistic outreach I asked God where I should go. Everything He told me got confirmed: The place, an elderly lady, saleswoman at a stall, her name, features of her face and that she had a financial problem. We could pray for the woman. I did not expect God to be so real!" (a young man from Ulaanbaatar, former pickpocket and thug)

Revival Fire 09


At the moment a team of our "Holy Spirit School" is on its way to the Arhanghai province to pass on what they have received. The coming weekend a worship and revival evening will take place there together with four local churches. More people shall be ablaze and filled afresh with the Holy Spirit!
The Kidshouse in Ulaanbataar is not merely a house where we take children in to provide a home for them. No ... after a turnover in leadership, we are having quite a young team of Mongolians and Germans living together. They emphasize to develop a vision of how to bless the children, youth and families in their neighbourhood and introduce them to Jesus. They live together and demonstrate the love and power of God ...

Kidshaus 04


With this view in mind, some of the kidshouse staff went to a nearby shopping center to worship Jesus when it was really cold outside and thus impacting the atmosphere with God’s love. Whenever we are going to places and stand together to worship, people are drawn to the site ... always. That day, a young man stood and watched, and our team was able to pray for him. He has read the bible on several occasions and was open to receive prayer.

Kidshaus 03


Our children feeding program opened its doors in November again. We are looking forward to welcoming many hungry children to provide for them - not only by giving them good food, however, also by helping them with their daily homework and also by giving them warmth and emotional safety. Beside that we are renovating our facilities, since we want the inside and outside of our Kidshouse to reflect beauty and spendor.
The Mongolian people are a passionate people. Once they are on fire for something, they burn and make their testimonies known anywhere. God called us to preach the Good News in Mongolia. We are doing this with all our hearts – and God is doing what we cannot do ... he is doing all the miracles.

Ein Gott der Wunder tut 03


Hello, I am Ichko. Now I am 6 months pregnant. Recently, the doctors said that I needed to go to the hospital immediately, because the amniotic liquor provision in my uterus was insufficient. The night before my brothers and sisters in Christ prayed for me and my baby. The next morning I went to hospital, however, after the ultrasonic check-up the doctors said: "The level of amniotic liquor has increased, it's normal now. You can go back home." Since my baby has started moving more than before. Our Lord Jesus has done a miracle in me.

Ein Gott der Wunder tut 04

Finally at home

We met this man, who was wandering for 17 days through the city without knowing where to go or to sleep when we were worshipping Jesus in city center. It was so amazing to watch him. He just stood with us, closed his eyes and received God's peace without anyone advising him to do so. After this worship time, he came straight with us to our men's community and has since lived there with us. Now he is recovering from his alcohol problem. On that day, we also prayed for sick people and some of them have felt heat in their bodies and recognized a change in their condition.

Reaching out to Mongolia

We are commissioned to take the Gospel to Mongolia, and you can have a share in this. How? That’s very easy: Get in touch with us and come on outreach to Mongolia.
We believe every single word in the bible! We believe in signs and miracles! We believe that God is raising up people from death to life. We don't just believe in all of this but we are experiencing it.
Ogii is a powerful man of God whose heart is reaching out for the lost of his homecountry - Mongolia. It was not always like that. He was a drinker and with that he was violent; he was desperate and had come to an end. His life was in shembels. In this condition he ran into the HELP Mongolia team. They took him in, took care of him and told him about Jesus. Jesus - hope of the nations and Ogii's hope. He couldn't think of anything better but giving his life to Jesus. There was nothing he could lose ... rather he was on the winner's side! God has done so many miracles in Ogii's life and in the lives of his family. Meanwhile he is on of the leaders in HELP Mongolia and God is not done with doing miracles ...

Ich lasse dich nicht 03

No pulse

Pastor Ogii's older sister was in hospital and diagnosed with terminal cancer. The doctors thought that she would die very quicly thus the relatives were called to come in order to say goodbye to her. The patient didn't have any pulse, and one after the other left the room ... except for Ogii - he stayed. Could it be that his sister was due to die just like that? »I don't let you go!« He was determined and with that he took the head of the dead body. Ogii prayed! The doctors watched him for a while and encouraged him then to also leave. However, Ogii stayed and continued to pray. After three minutes something started to happen; life came back into the body ... Ogii's sister woke up and opened her eyes. No one could explain what had happened right in front of them - it was a miracle!

Ich lasse dich nicht 04

The greatest miracle of all

Meanwhile, Ogii's sister is back home. She is not healed, but she is alive! And when God is able to call someone from death to life, then we will continue to pray for healing. All relatives know that Jesus was into this situation. And there is joy - in heaven and in Ogii's life, for Ogii's sister has given her life to Jesus!
Summer in Mongolia also means outreaches and summer camps. We did both and the Holy Spirit moved in different ways.

Bayan Ulgii - going from A to B

Our team from Bayan Ulgii spent a month in Altai. They filled the village close to the Chinese border with worship and prayer and asked the Holy Spirit what he had prepared for them. Sometimes they were amazed at the answers they received: Someone saw a certain ger (yurt) in front of him, someone else knew that two persons would turn to Jesus soon, whose names would begin with “A” and “B”. They found the ger the Holy Spirit had shown them, and when they visited this family they met a woman named “A”riuna who listened to the gospel with an open heart and received Jesus as her saviour. The next day, when our team went to the hospital, they met an elderly lady whom they prayed for. She also accepted Jesus – her name began with “B”!


In Henti we hosted a discipleship training for teenagers. Every day they went on outreach and worshipped Jesus in the streets and on mountains. They received many words of knowledge and saw sick people being healed. Before they drove to another village for a few days the Holy Spirit gave them a word that they would meet a person with pain in her foot because of a ganglion. Guess what ... they really met a woman with this handicap, prayed for her and she was healed! At the local hospital they could pray for patients. And again, sick people were healed and found Jesus.


In Ulaanbaatar we are doing different outreaches on the streets, amongst them regularly visiting street children. One time we had a worship time in a pedestrian subway, the walls painted with depressing, dark pictures. We prayed for a change of the atmosphere and removal of the pictures. Only a week later we walked through the very subway again ... Painters were busy repainting the walls with light colours and friendly themes!
The men of the alcohol rehab spent two weeks in a summer camp. One evening, when we prayed for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit they immediately received him. The next day a few of them were baptized in the river. They shared the gospel with the surrounding nomads. An elderly man received Jesus and was a bit sad when our people packed up and drove back to Ulaanbaatar.

Kids of Ulaanbaatar

During the long summer vacation our foster children went for six weeks to countryside, lived in two gers surrounded by nomads. Through an unsteady phone connection our staff held contact with us. We only heard positive news about the children, how well they were doing. Besides times of worship, sports, fun and the daily work piling up in a ger, they helped their neighbours (who were impressed by the helpfulness of the children) to tend the sheep, milk the cows and chop wood, and they enjoyed life in the countryside!
Michelle is 18 years old and attended in July 2016 UPRISING Korea. UPRISING stands for ›United Prayer Rising‹ and is initiated by young people for young people. The emphasis: Together they are praying and fasting for the young generation! the spiritual father and visionary of UPRISING is Jerome Ocampo from Manila. When Michelle was in Korea, something very significant happened to her: »I was set ablaze, and the fire I received back then is still burning today. It's a prayer fire which reaches out to my generation. I want to see the young generation in Mongolia to be free to follow Jesus with all power and with everything it has, and that we as a young generation are making a difference in Mongolia and the nations of this world.«

Feuer 03

Born for Missions

Michelle is truly a real missionary child. Her parent have been in Mongolia for almost 20 years, and today they are heading the HELP ministries there. She was born in Mongolia, grew up there and she actually is Mongolian through and through. However, more important than that - she is a strong pillar among the young generation, an example and an encouragement to many. It was not always like that. There was a time when melancholy, depression and suicidal thoughts were her daily companions. »God, if you don't do anything this night, I am going to commit suicide.« And God came, and he changed Michelle to the core. She came forth from her hiding place, revealed her inner struggles, conflicts, fears and God healed her in every area - also with the help of peple around her. She shared her testimony at Come to the lIght in Lüdenscheid - so powerful.

Feuer 04

Prayer fire with an impact

Michelle is ablaze and when you stand next to her while she is praying, you get the feeling that you burn yourself only by touching her. The spark of prayer is igniting others, and this prayer fire is making an impact. Everything Michelle is talking about she also wants to see. She caught the vision of UPRISING ... thus she started UPRISING Mongolia - at only 18 years of age! Together with a team she is spiritually and organizationally taking charge of the whole event to which hundreds of young people from all over Mongolia and beyond with gather from October 5 - 8, 2017 in Ulaanbaatar. Alongside her there are wonderful spiritual fathers - Jerome Ocampo and Walter Heidenreich ... However, let's listen to what Michelle shared at Re|Formation Fire in Lüdenscheid ...


100% Potential

How powerful to be able to watch in our days young people rising up in churches all over the world and being satisfied with mere programmes any longer. They want to see change and they are having the 100% potential and all abilities and skills to bring change about. However, one thing the don't want - they don't want to do it by themselves, but ask the fathers and mothers, both natural and spiritual to stand with and help them. UPRISING is one event where they gather in order to be equipped and blessed and where we pray for and send them into their divine destiny. Find more here!
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