We serve a miracle-working God who not only made a way for the Isrealites, but also for you! It doesn't matter what background you come from. Where God calles, he provides! Read this amazing story ...

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Esther G. is an REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move (RSotM) student and originally comes from Mongolia. She is 22 years old and this is her story:
»Since I got to know Jesus, naturally, I had the desire in my heart to reach out on the streets, but I never thought of becoming a missionary or going to other nations until I encountered the Holy Spirit and having an impression of going to the nations three times. God stirred my heart!«

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Battling mindsets

»However, I had thoughts that I couldn't go because of lack of money. I had to battle and command those thoughts: »Stop! I will listen to my heavenly Father!«, and I had to renew my thinking by speaking out and believing: »My heavenly Father is rich!« Many people have the mindset that only churches from rich countries can send missionaries because Asians don't have the capacity or financial resources ... but that's not true!

Jesus said, »Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?« So my job was to believe and act upon and the next step is all God's business.«

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Miracle No. 1

»Suddenly, miracles started to happen: After an outreach in Mongolia, I needed almost 300 US$ for my next step towards missions. I didn't say anything to anyone but to God alone. In the morning, as I was talking with God about it, I received a message that someone blessed me with 300 US$ for my trip – and that was only the beginning! It was always one step after another and His miracles happened one after another! I did my part of doing what He said. I stepped out in faith ... and He confirmed His words and provided for me the whole time.«

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Miracle No. 2

Flight ticket to the Philippines: »I was praying for another 300 US$ and received less than what I needed. I didn't try to do something in my own strength, but listened to the Holy Spirit. He told me to go to a library. I went, even though I didn't understand why he was asking me to do that. There, I waited for quite some time until I felt to leave the library when I saw on the other side of the road a travel agency. I went and inquired about a flight to the Philippines and to my amazement they had only one ticket available left for the exact amount I had. It was a miracle, because I had gone to many travel agencies and all of them only offered expensive tickets. If you have a close relationship with God, you hear His voice and He leads you.«

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Kingdom affairs

»My money is not mine - it is kingdom money. On serval occasions, God told me to give my everything, and I never suffered any lack. He takes care of me and provides for me. If you want be a missionary, you have to believe God and follow him and do what he says – and you will see his glory.«

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RSotM means to feel God's heart for missions

»I saw how people were set free, received Jesus as their Savior, got touched by God's love, and how God used me ... I have seen and experienced so much and there are still so many adventures ahead of me. I started out in the Philippines, continue in Germany and will proceed to Texas … I am so excited, because I will experience even more of God as He leads me and I follow. There is a great future ahead!
And it doesn’t matter, where I am. Whether I am at breakfast, washing laundry, sitting in teachings or doing outreaches, the Holy Spirit is with me wherever I go. He teaches me and uses me.«

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»When you know who God is, that He is your Father and what his heart is like, than you don't need to be worried for finances or other things. Missions is more important than money. All finances are meant to advance His kingdom!«

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Stepping out

If you don't know what and where you are called to, just take the challenge and step out of your own box. It is not about what you can imagine, it's not about your culture or where you come from ... it’s all about how great our God is and what He says!
For more information click to REVIVAL SCHOOL Philippines and/or to RSotM.
Summer season in Manila! The Father’s House kids wanted to go camping during their vacation … and surely their wish was answered! Getting up at 3:00 AM in the morning is not so much fun, however, the excitement to experience and discover new things shed a different light on this. Wow – what a view, what a blessing to climb the mountains in the north of the Philippines!

Bergabenteuer 07

So special

We did not only walk and climb the mountain world of the Philippines, but amongst others we also visited a mining company and learned how gold, silver and copper are refined. The mining crew was so very kind and welcomed us. They showed us around and explained everything. Their hospitality and being able to see and experience something like this was so very special for us all.

Bergabenteuer 09

So much and more

Walking on a swaying swing bridge, climbing an 9-km-mountain-range and crossing three summits at 1,846 m above sea level, walking down an 80% scarp, touching fog, watching your own breath, smelling and touching pine trees, collecting and eating wild berries, sleeping in a spacious classroom with lots of space for rolling all across the room as well as camping in a small shack where you have to make sure not to step on anyone, enjoying the wonderful refreshing cold weather, hiking through the so-called salad bowl of the Philippines, diving into the refreshing fresh water pool, encountering new people, listening to unknown dialects and so much more … most of our kids have never seen or experienced anything like that before.

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We were so excited to see how happy our Father’s House kids took in all they saw and heard without complaining a single time but rather with hearts full of gratitude and joy.

Bergabenteuer 05

Standing in awe

God is simply fantastic and we are standing in awe! He made a way for us to experience this fantastic adventure trip. However, greater and more fantastic than the nature and wonderful surroundings was the fellowship and each and every one of our little company as well as all protection we experienced. Glory and thanks be unto HIM!

Bergabenteuer 03

The mountains declare that HE is LORD.
The valleys declare that HE is LORD.
All nature reflects His glory
Which makes my heart cry out and rejoice
That the LORD, our Creator, HE is God!
When people are having a true encounter with Jesus, everything changes in their lives - their character, their expression, even their surrounding. The life of Jesus in us in powerful ... and this power is stronger than anything that we may face. Read Edna's story.

Ever since that day Edna encountered the Lord and got saved, many wonderful things began to happen in her life. Just to mention a few: Two of her grandchildren got healed from severe sicknesses as she prayed, prophesied and cried out to the Lord for them. Her husband who saw the big change in her lifestyle and attitude was so amazed that he started to believe and eventually gave his life to Jesus. And they, as a couple experienced supernatural provision as they trusted and prayed to God when they didn't have enough money to buy food and medicine.

Manila 03

Today Edna continues to live with joy and passion for Jesus. Her life is really shinning and many, aside from her family are blessed and encouraged by her example. As you will see in the picture, God has even blessed her financially that she and her husband, Mang Boy, have now started a small retail store selling food and other goods.
Recently we flew to the south of the Philippines to the city of Davao with 30 young people from our community to attend the UPRISING Prayer Confernce (United Prayer Rising). For our teenagers and some of our staff it was the first flight ever. The conference was organized by many different churches together and we as HELP Philipppines were also part of this team. Little did we know that war was coming while we were preparing for the conference in January ...

Davao 03

Liberation of a city

It was a miracle that we were able travel to Davao with so many of our young people, considering that all participants had to pray and believe for their own expenses (tickets and accommodation). There was joy and jubilation as we saw all 30 of us receiving the money we needed. Miracle after miracle happened and in the end were were able to cover all expenses thus making it possible for all of us to attend this important event. The four days in Davao were filled with many good inputs on PRAYER and UNITY. The vision of this conference was that as a nation and the body of Christ we should stand in unity and move forward together as YOUNG AND OLD. However, the highlight was when on the fourth day, together with 1,500 people from all of the provinces of the Philippines, we fasted for 10 hours, prayed and repented for our nation. Despite prevailing martial law in Davao, everything was quite peaceful. Many soldiers, firefighters and paramedics were on the square to guard the event, and many of them were touched by God's presence and we could pray for them. Only one month after the conference, the President Duterte was able to announce liberation of the city of Marawi. Thank you, Jesus!

Davao 04


This conference was this year's highlight for many of our young people. All of us returned to Manila encouraged, exhorted, strengthened and full of vision. UPRISING was not just a conference, it was also the start of an »uprising« in the spiritual realm.
Jeannine Specht
Our summer highlight was a Father’s House Camp at the beach in Mindoro. The kids jumped with joy when they heard we would have one because the last was three years ago. The time was filled with fun and games at the beach, good food, swimming, sand castles and wonderful family fellowship – so nice!

Hearing God’s Voice

However, the best gift ever was that three of our younger kids, one volunteer and one staff were baptized in the sea! Furthermore, we had beautiful sessions in God’s presence where the Holy Spirit ministered very deeply to our teenagers; healing deep wounds of rejection, abandonment and abuse. One young girl said that God does not speak to her. After the first day swimming, she had severe ear pain and God healed her during our worship time. After that, she heard God saying to her to get baptized! She was so happy that she heard His voice! She got baptized the next day, and when she came out of the water, tears of joy were streaming down her face and she had the most beautiful smile!

Beloved Kids

We have been praying and discussing taking in new kids since the beginning of the year; but when some staff left, we thought we might have to put our plans on hold. However, God challenged us not to shrink back – and in the past three months, we took in five new kids! The youngest is a cute little five-year-old girl. She was very sick and is as little as a three-year-old. Her health has improved greatly and she is a joy to have around. Two girls, who already experienced much suffering, were in danger of being trafficked by their pimp father. Now at the Father's House, they can just be children and are loved as they are.

We also have two new boys in the family! More and more we realize that even if it means more work and everyone is challenged to ‘go the extra mile’, this is God’s heart: To take in the orphans and the brokenhearted. This decision was confirmed in many ways. One clear sign is that the ‘older’ kids are blooming and growing as big brothers (kuya) and sisters (ate). Our God is the original multiplier – whether in terms of fish, finances or family members!

The Rock

Edwina and Jolito, an older couple, had a deep experience with God and got obviously radically changed. She was delivered from gambling, and when he saw this change in his wife, he also started to believe. They have been walking with the Holy Spirit. This couple is very poor. When he had his birthday, they were sad that there was no money for a small celebration. Their little granddaughter was singing “Nothing is impossible with God” when suddenly there was a knock on the door. A man they did not know was standing there and brought a cake and bread for them! There is literally nothing impossible with God!

School Sponsorship

We are still missing quite a number of school sponsors for our kids at the Father’s House and some others in slum areas. Although it is not that big a cost, when there are almost 30 kids and youth to cover, the total is quite staggering. By sponsoring a child with USD 50 per month for education, you will have a big part in changing the life of a child. Please consider our appeal to be a school sponsor – it would be a tremendous help.

Thank you!

Once again, we as staff, volunteers and kids want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your friendship and support. We constantly thank God for you and pray His blessings over you. You are a very important part of our ministry, our family and our lives!
One of our young Filipino staff came back from a trip to Germany realizing, »Europe needs missionaries!« Before, he always thought that only the Philippines were a country in need of missionaries- but now he felt God’s heartbeat for the nations and for the broken people beyond the borders of the Philippines. He continued, »Actually, we as Filipinos have so much to give!«

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This is totally contrary to the perspective of most Filipinos, who are held in inferiority, family bondages, drugs or poverty. This young man did not only make it to escape this vicious circle by the power of Jesus, however, he is serving his nation and wants to be equipped in order to go to the nations. God wants to equip and send people from the Philippines. For this reason, we are setting up a school building and start the REVIVAL SCHOOL (one the Move) on August 1, 2017 – a very practical DTS, made for hungry followers of Jesus, who want to follow his call: »Go into all the earth, make disciples of all people and teach them to obey all that I’ve told you!« (Matth. 28:19)

Sprungbrett 07  Sprungbrett 06

Learning by doing

We are living together and share our lives, just as Jesus did with his disciples. Jesus took them wherever he went and they learned most of the things while they were on the move- learning by doing.
Thus, we are having corporate teaching sessions, times of impartation and equipping, prayer and worship in our school as much as on the garbage dumps and in the squatter areas (slums). The students are learning to serve a louse-ridden orphan and a drug addict in the same way as they serve their roommates, by walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s not about methods, structures or dry theory but it is all about a live lead by the Holy Spirit. We will do what we see the Father do, just like Jesus did - no matter the cost and we are going wherever he leads us. This was the way the disciples learned as well; the way they grew strong in the power of the Holy Spirit and the way people got saved, redeemed, healed, equipped and were sent.

In August 2017 we start a three-month-training block with students from the Philippines and from. In 2018, we will offer a full year international and national training program. If you are interested to join us, get in touch with us by eMail and apply!
In addition, our base in Lüdenscheid is hosting the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move with which you can do nation-hopping - to Thailand, to Texas, to Mongolia and to the Philippines.

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Our goal for the school is to be financially independent by 2020. However, while still pioneering it, we do need partners who stand with us. We are specifically looking for prayer partners and sponsors. For example, we are still in need of a washing machine, a printer, an edge trimmer, a microwave, a rice cooker as well as additional furniture. In addition there is our monthly rent and additional expenses.

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The Philippines – a sending nation!

You want to be a part of it? Write us an eMail, if you want to support us in prayer or/and financially. It is time for workers from the harvest to go back into the harvest!
James Santos is one of our long-time staff at HELP Philippines in Manila. He is in charge of evangelistic outreaches to the city as well as for THE ROCK – our drop-in center for street kids and the poor living in the streets. Furthermore, he and his wife are leading the Youth House – a community that takes in young people. James harbours a deep love for the people in the streets of Manila. “My heart is burning with desire to lead more people to Jesus and to watch the love of God and his supernatural power transforming them from the inside out!”

Free ... and called!

It was 20 years ago when I first came to the Set Free Center (HELP’s drug rehab center) in Manila. Despite coming from a wealthy family, I was caught in drugs for many years: I took amphetamines, drank alcohol, was into sex, violence, gambling, I was a thief, and sold weapons ... I was literally in bondage and had now power to become free out of my own strength. There were nights when I had one nightmare after the other! I was afraid to have to die and to go straight to hell. However, when I called upon the name of Jesus in these situations, I felt that Jesus had forgiven me and he brought peace to my soul. There was hope and a true desire for transformation.

That was my condition when God led me to the Set Free Center. At the age of 25 God saved, delivered, healed and restored me, and by God’s grace he gave me new life. He helped me to make amends for my many offenses, I even finished my studies ... and then Jesus called me to take the Good News to the poor, broken-hearted and lost! God has blessed me with a wonderful wife who is also on staff of HELP Manila. We are having three great kids. Throughout the years God has never failed to provide for me financially and beyond!


THE ROCK is a place in the city that we open four to five times a week to the poor living in the streets and people from the surrounding squatters. Every time we are seeing 50 to 70 children, youth and adults going in and out to eat, take a shower, exchange their dirty for clean clothes, to play, talk, to take a nap and get basic medical treatment. Through all of this God is revealing his love to them. Of course, we introduce them to Jesus, too, by talking to them one-on-one, through teaching them from the bible and through our services – the ROCfests – that we celebrate twice a month.

Miracles at THE ROCK

A lady who used to visit THE ROCK off and on, was deeply touched by God during one of our ROCKfests. While we prayed for her the Holy Spirit transformed her heart. She accepted Jesus as her Saviour and right away she got baptized with the Holy Spirit and started to speak in a new tongue. Shortly after this experience her grandchild fell seriously sick. However, she didn’t approach us for any help, but went straight to Jesus and poured out her need before him. While she was praying, there was a knock at the door. A lady was standing outside and gave her the money for her grandchild’s treatment. The next day, the little boy was perfectly okay! Her husband who has never come to THE ROCK before, suddenly turned up and asked what happened to his wife. She was so changed – instead of gambling she took good care of the children. God also touched him in his heart, and just a short while ago both of them got baptized in order to seal their newly found life with Jesus.
Manila, a city full with millions of people. A pace in which innumerous stories cross their ways. A city in which the rich become richer and poor become poorer. The capital city of a nation that is still seeking its identity. A city where many are focussed on own ambition and then get bitterly disappointed. A city which images disply unbalance, injustice, fake pictures and development all at the same time ... that's only first view.
However, at the same time it's also a city that God has given to us. It's an inheritance that HE has entrusted us with. There is history he wants to make with people. Darkness that HE wants to illuminate. People, HE wants to send.

20 km - 6 hours - a thousand impressions

The Philippines carry a strong calling to send people to missions and to take other nations for Jesus. As HELP community it's our hearts' desire to release all of this in an even greater dimension - in our own mission so that we enlarge the ropes of our tent and do not only take Manila for Jesus but also the surrounding islands. However, we also want to invest in a greater dimension into the Filipinos so they enter into their divine destiny and just go. We sensed that God challenged us to ACTIVELY get moving and literally as well as symbolically go. We took the challenge - together with the vast majority of our community - teens, rehab guests and staff alike and walked the city. By foot. 20 km in 6 hours. 29°C (in the shade). A thousand impressions.

A Walk to remember 03

This was only the beginning ...

We walked alongside the main streets, prayed at intersections, lifted up the name of Jesus wherever we went and declared God's truth over Manila. We prayed for the various groups of society of our nation. We prayed for the government and businessmen as much as for the upcoming young generation. A symbolic victory walk declaring what Jesus has accomplished at the cross two thousand years ago ... also for Manila. We literally went to the utmost parts of the city where the beaches are and the width spreads. In Germany, it's a fun thing to go walking. However, in Manily you only walk in emergency - no Filipino would ever consider to voluntary walk 20 km through the heat of the day, in rain and smog. But we did and raised a standard in the prophetic: Just as we marched throughout the city to the shores - despite all obstacles - the Filipinos shall be released to arise and shine ... to the ends of the city, over to the islands and even unto the ends of the earth. Even though this was only the beginning, it marked a milestone - definitely a walk to remember!

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