... we should go to ALL nations?

Go into all the world, Jesus says - until the ends of the earth have heard the Good News. So what can mission look like during in the current times regarding corona?

We know it is not the time to be quiet. Jesus has changed our lives so much that we want to tell others about it. And as loudly as possible, so that everyone hears. 

On Easter Sunday we headed into our city, worshiped and preached the Gospel. “It has power when you shout out the name of Jesus and the work of the cross, as loud as possible so that everyone hears it," says Franzi, a student of ours. "While I was preaching, I saw windows open and at the end I even heard someone cheering from their home."


Prayer that transforms a city

Another time we walked the streets praying in groups of two. "This time we proclaimed the word of God over the city. My prayer partner and I had such joy in doing this. We felt that things really shifted in our city because of this outreach." - Patricia

We experienced that through praying for our city we can receive God's heart. When we reach out for what is important to God, and in turn we experience His joy. And this in turn motivates us to share His heart with people.


It’s a joy to share about Jesus

Right now everyone is taking part in a workshop where they can learn to share the gospel creatively for example social media or photography, regarding this Ruth says, "I chose the mercy workshop to receive God's heart and to bring hope to people. I knew it would be challenging but it would also be practical. It is always such a joy to share about Jesus.”

 We’re experiencing that Mission is possible - and it’s just an opportunity for us partner with the Holy Spirit and to find creative ways to reach people!

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Do you want clarity regarding your calling?

Have you also had a transforming encounter with Jesus that you don't want to be quiet about? At the Revival school you have the opportunity to be changed and trained by the Holy Spirit in the context of community life, meaning living with others.


You can still sign up for the summer trimester (including a 6 week outreach) or the autumn trimester this year! To register now. Click here.



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