The Prayer House is a place of prayer and worship. One cannot be separated form the other. In this place, we sense the presence of God, hear his voice and encounter him in worship. We enjoy the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. However, not only us but also guest and various groups we are welcoming on Prayer Mountain. You are warmly welcome, too!

Prayer Mountain & Prayer Walk

open day and night

Prayer House

open from 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
open by arrangemnt 5:00 pm - 9.00 am*


Prayer Mountain for the Nations
Wislader Weg 9
58513 Lüdenscheid
Phone: +49 (0)160 2404249



*Please send us an eMail (see above) if you plan to pray during the night or if you plan for a couple of days to pray on Prayer Mountain for the Nations or in the Prayer House.

Due to the current situation, we ask you to book the use of the prayer house in advance by phone. Phone number: 02351-358039.
You are welcome to pray in the Prayer House 24/7.
Please contact us beforehand if you want to pray at night in the Prayer House, so we can give you access to the house. We can not provide any accomodation.

'Even them will I bring to my holy mountain and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon my altar; for my house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.' Isaiah 56,7
The prayer mountain for the nations is a place of prayer and worship from where our cities, our nation and other nations shall be blessed and been brought in intercession before the throne of God. Every single prayer prepares a way for the Holy Spirit to change this world.
The prayer mountain welcomes christians of all denominations, cultures and nations. Everyone is invited to spend time in Gods presence.
To the prayer mountain of the nations belongs the house of prayer and the prayer path, which leads to the prayer plateau.

How it all began:
When I travelled to Uganda in January 2000 with some of our leaders to join an international prayer conference, we had no idea which influence this journey would have. During the conference God spoke to us in a very personal and insisting way and enlarged His commission to bring His love to the nations: He called us into prayer for the nations!
After coming back we started the prayer mountain for the nations on our compound 'Wislade' where the revival school is located and in 2005 we opened the house of prayer. We invite you to spend time at the prayer mountain for the nations and at the prayer house as it is not 'our' FCJG prayer house, but it is for the body of Christ and for all nations!

Walter Heidenreich

The Team

We would like to give you the chance to get to know us a bit. Here are some statements from our team about the Prayer Mountain:

BirgitPortraitBirgit Janke
responsibility: Senior Leader of FCJG/HELP & Prayer Mountain for the Nations

»If we really want to see revival, we have to acknowledge that worship and prayer goes hand in hand with missions and evangelism. That’s why I love to stand before God on behalf of the nations in the Prayer House.«

ChristianPortraitChristian Janke
responsibility: Leader of the Prayer Mountain for the Nations

»I sense that praying in tongues is a key to unlock gates: By praying in tongues we are entering into His presence and worship Him, and from there we receive His heart concerns over which we pray together. I love this divine cycle!

JohanPortraitJohan van Schaik
responsibility: Prayer for Israel

»The presence of God makes the difference. I love it when He comes and we worship Him. That changes everything.«


NadinePortraitNadine Minati
responsibility: Worship and Praying with the Word

»To search for the heart of the Father and to pray for His body and nations - thats my hearts desire.«

LindePortraitLinde Hals
responsibility: Creativity

»I desire to unveil God’s beauty through arts and dance and train others in this area of creativity. The main call of an artist is to exhalt God with his arts.«

ElaPortraitEla Schöttler
responsibility: Call of the Watchmen Germany

»Prayer is a privilege and a responsibility.«

Prayer Calendar

In the House of Prayer we have weekly prayer for these themes:

 Interseccion     Intern 
 Worship     Praying with the word
 Creativity/ Praying in tongues     Church service                       

You are warmly invited to join in. There is also a smaller room, that can be used for personal prayer.



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