Walter’s Testimony

During Friday night’s worship at the „Music and Art Summit”, my heart was worrying about how my family would take the upcoming “Come to the Light” event they promised to join. First, I did not realize how much these thoughts kept me from entering into the presence of God. The Holy Spirit showed me that my worries were the opposite of having faith. Actually I didn’t trust in God. I was soon able to leave my burden at the cross. While Thomas Erkens prayed for me, I sensed that God was strengthening me and re-rooting my trust in God. The tension gave way to confidence and trust. I knew: “Everything is going to be alright.” And it surely was. My family just loved that time. My brother followed an invitation to respond to a word of knowledge to receive more of the Holy Spirit. My Dad shared with tears how glad he was to see me thriving in this place. He saw his prayers answered and a huge burden was taken off his shoulders.
On Sunday morning, I had a personal highlight. The Holy Spirit deeply touched me and healed a deep wound in my heart. I had tried to numb this pain by taking drugs for five years. After the Holy Spirit dealt with it by pouring his love and warmth into me, I was able to let go of all the bad memories and look ahead. Our God is a God of the present and the future. Jesus purchased freedom from our past for us – by his ransom death at the cross.



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