„Prophetic Fire“ – a Milestone in my Life

I have lived in the Wiedenhof for 5 months to be set free from drugaddiction. In spite of all my personal problems, I had always worked which had kept me under continuous stess to perform. To put down that pressure sounds easier than it is. During the conference „ Prophetic Fire“ with Bobby Conner, God spoke to me several times. One issue was this: „If you are under stress, it does not come from me!“ This was revolutionary for me, since my old life was influenced a lot by work and performance. But even more things happened.
God healed me from tinnitus
Five years ago I was beaten on my head, which injured my eardrum permanently. Ever since I had a tinnitus. During the conference I had a throbbing in my ear. For the following few days I woke up being stunned by the silence in my ear. No more ringing sounds! Jesus simply healed it without even having someone pray for it! Hallelujah! God is great!
Free from sleeping disorders
During the conference sleeping disorders were a topic of prayer. In the past I had woken up every night. Often I could not get back to sleep. When prayer for healing was offered I did not stand, yet I now sleep every night uninterrupted. Finally I know I am free from sleeping disorders! Hallelujah! Glory to Him! He makes everything new!



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