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„May the Holy Spirit use »March for Jesus« as an initial spark for God’s people and ignite a spiritual firestorm that we may go and fulfill the Great Commission. Why don’t you bring a March for Jesus into your city, too? Everyone can organize it! The simpler, the better. For the Name of Jesus has power. Jesus is the Victor!”

Walter Heidenreich

You will get the best insight, if you watch the clips about the March for Jesus in Lüdenscheid and Dresden.

In the following cities, there have been such marches:

  • Lüdenscheid
  • Dresden
  • Dortmund
  • Manila (Philippines)
  • Pattaya (Thailand)

At the moment following cities are preparing for a march for Jesus:

  • Leipzig
  • Freudenstadt
  • Siegen
  • München
  • Stuttgart
  • Wiesbaden

On our website you can find the vision explained.

10 supporting aspects for a march for Jesus

  1. For the march you need a route of about 30-45 minutes’ walk (walking slowly)
    1. The people will get tired if the route is too long, especially if an evangelization is planed afterwards.
    2. Choose a route running through the city center, so that a lot of people will see the march.
    3. For the evangelization choose a central, busy place, where there are a lot of people.
  2. The march usually must be authorized as a demonstration, procession or an event. This varies from city to city.
    1. In case of a demonstration, the police will accompany the march. In case of a procession there is no police needed. Own ushers with safety vests are needed in every case.
    2. The evangelization must also be authorized, as well as the loudspeaker system. This is not complicated, the public offices are usually very supportive.
  3. An official announced organizer as well as a liability insurance is required, so that everything is insured in case participants damage something during the march accidently.
  4. A mobile loudspeaker system can be helpful, but is not required for the march. You can sing songs together, call out the name of Jesus, sing in tongues and dance. Everything with joy and out of love to Jesus.
  5. In order to have the name of Jesus visible for everyone, there are possibilities to print T-shirts, flags, banners or balloons with the name Jesus. There are no limits to creativity here. Especially the 2 meter large flags attract a lot of attention.
    1. We have printed only the name JESUS on purpose, so that we do not appear with slogans, requirements or the like. Especially this was very powerful and caused a lot of amazement, astonishment and also joy in the population.
    2. If needed you may get addresses of suitable printing companies from us.
  6. If possible, an introduction about the vision and how to have a march for Jesus together as a group, is very helpful, since it should be a powerful and meaningful testimony for Jesus. It should not be a walk to discuss something with your neighbor, but also no silent march or a demonstration against something. We are simply and only FOR Jesus! And don't walk too fast, it's not a race.
  7. When mobilizing churches, it can help to fall back on existing contacts to pastors and networks. A meeting can be very helpful for this. We had such a meeting in Dresden and the best was – besides the march – to pray together in unity. It is very helpful to win the leaders and pastors of the churches for the vision, because the sheep will follow the shepherd. :-)
  8. Last but not least, the final crusade is a highlight where people can hear the gospel and be saved. Therefore, joy comes forth.
    "How sweet are the feet of the messenger of joy, who proclaims peace, who brings good news..." Isa. 52:7
  9. It is easy to organize such a march for Jesus. So keep it simple! Such marches can be held all over Germany and Europe.
  10. Therefore, simply post photos and videos of your march on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and elsewhere, because most have heard about it this way and then have done a march as well.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at or on our website.

We wish you every success in proclaiming and spreading the name of Jesus.


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Watch past services on our YouTube channel. You may subscribe to this channel and get notified of upcoming worship services, seminars, events, etc.

Reaching the world with livestream

We are excited about the new options and possibilities that the internet provides with livestream as well as other modern and upcoming media. Livestream is like a long arm reaching into nations and individual households so we can fulfill our commission in places we wouldn't be able to reach physically.
We stream every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month (from about 8 pm since we are currently streaming only the sermon). The livestream will always be in German, but partly translated into English.

Support us!
With your financial support you enable us to reach even more people via livestream with the Good News of Jesus. Thank you very much!

Donate to
FCJG Überkonfessionelle Dienste e.V.
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There are no limitations to God's creativity, and he has put that creativity into us as well. In the summer of 2017, a creative garden was created on the Prayer Mountain (for the Nations) for deep encounters with God. In addition, sites were designed to invite people to meet God in all of his different facets. Because he is our joy, our life, our security, he is the God who sees us, and he has new visions for us and gives us his perspective. Heavenly strategies and solutions are ready for us when we come to Him (Jeremiah 33: 3).

When you walk through the garden, you discover three stone sculptures, each with a strong message:

Surrender- this sculpture shows a person who is facedown before the cross. God wants our whole being, our abandonment, our own desires, ideas and our Yes at the same time to his ways. Being completely devoted to Him means that everything in us bows down to His authority (Ephesians 3:14). We will be hidden in Christ when we surrender (Colossians 3: 3), which this place should express.

Dancing in the River of the Holy Spirit - this shows a child's foot surrounded by water and music. Child-like we may come and ask Him for the Holy Spirit, which he gladly gives to us (Luke 11:13). Joy will fill our hearts through the Holy Spirit, and we will dance and rejoice in the melody of the Spirit. The work of the Spirit will increase in our lives as we go deeper into the rivers and fully trust the Holy Spirit. (Ezekiel 47: 1-12).

Perspective - this sculpture shows an eye through which, one can look into the distance.

God wants to teach us to see things in our lives or in other people's lives with his eyes. For he has the perspective of eternity on our lives (Isaiah 55: 8-9). He sharpens our gaze that we recognize and do the essentials. He also opens our eyes to the supernatural realm so that we can see his heavenly armies rushing to help us (2 Kings 6: 8-23).

You are very welcome to come to the Garden of Encounter (a place of encounter) and meet the wonderful and creative God, so that you will return to your environment strengthened and with a new vision, to change it or to even go to the ends of the earth...
Jesus alone ... in our lives and doing, working and organization we aim for one thing: to glorify Jesus. If it is in the different Worship Service, seminars, newsletter, ads or the worldwide web – Jesus is our first priority.

FCJG Kingdom Ministries is primarily in charge of administration and organization of i.e. the different Worship Service, events, seminars & co., however, all these responsibilities and jobs do not represent the center of our lives and ministry. We are an office community – with an accentuation on community – that values the relationship to Jesus as highest priority. Together we are standing before Jesus, spending time in God’s presence and are reaching out to be close to the heart of God. These common desires unite us and provide the foundation for our doing – always with the emphasis of glorifying Jesus.

Something else we are aiming for is to make Jesus tangible by means of our unusual newsletter Unser Weg (The Path), in which we are sharing miracles in our everyday lives, how we are encountering Jesus personally and how he is leading and guiding us.

Through our website we want to introduce Jesus to the worldwide web and exalt him right there. It says that the light needs to shine in the darkness. Especially the internet is a place where the light of Jesus needs to shine so that people get orientation and keep grounded.



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