Dear friends,
The AFRICA Conference is just around the corner. All preparations are in full swing, and our anticipation is rising. In everything we see: God takes our prayers seriously. Our greatest desire is to surrender the whole conference to the Holy Spirit, for him taking the lead and doing whatever he wants to do ... and it's already happening. Just recently, Pastor Sunday Adelaja (founder and pastor of The Embassy Church, Kiev) has confirmed his participation in the AFRICA Conference. We are super excited and regard it to be a blessing to welcome this man of God.

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However, this is not the only change ... Quite unexpected, Pastor William F. Kumuyi had to decline from his participation in the conference. He is very sorry not to be able to be present, for he was so much looking forward to sharing God's vision on missions and evangelism. Pastor Kumuyi is blessing us to receive a divine perspective of the end-time harvest ... a blessing we fully embrace.

We are excited about everything the Holy Spirit is arranging and we are so much looking forward to welcominig you all soon. Following, pleas find the latest news:

Day Cards

We have noted that not everyone is able to attend the conference from beginning to end for various reasons and therefore decided not to register. Well ... there is always a way: Since May 8, we have opened the opportunity to purchase two-day tickets for the AFRICA Conference. There are two packages awaiting you - Thursday and Friday or Saturday and Sunday (no alterations possible). When you click to the AFRICA Confernce website you find the tenative speakers plan. As for us ... we are excited to welcome you!

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Schedule and Speakers

Session 1:
Th., June 8, 7.00 PM | Walter Heidenreich

Session 2:
Fr., June 9, 10.00 AM | Ps. Richard Aidoo

Session 3:
Fr., June 9, 2.30 PM | Ps. Suprise Sithole

Session 4:
Fr., June 9, 7.00 PM | Walter Heidenreich

Session 5:
Sat., June 10, 10.00 AM | Ps. Sunday Adelaja

Session 6:
Sat., June 10, 2.30 PM | Carolyn Figlioli

Session 7:
Sat., June 10, 7.00 PM | Ps. Sunday Adelaja

Session 8:
Sun., June 11, 10.00 AM | Walter Heidenreich

* all information without guarantee and subject to change.

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AFRICA Conference

We have great news: From June 8th – 11th, 2023 we are hosting the Africa Conference in Lüdenscheid.

Join us with ...

Walter Heidenreich (FCJG/HELP, Lüdenscheid), Pastor Richard Aidoo (New Life Church, Düsseldorf)Carolyn Figlioli (Iris Global, South Sudan and Uganda), Pastor Surprise Sithole (Iris Global, Mozambique) and Ps. Sunday Adelaja (The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, Ukraine).

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"God's heart is ablaze for Africa! He Himself has kindled a fire and is about to pour out His Spirit over this continent. It is happening today – in our time – and we are witnesses of this outpouring. This is a special hour for Africa!"

Afrika Konferenz Leiterschaft

Walter Heidenreich and Arion Roffler
along with the FCJG & HELP Family

And that's what we are aiming for ...

God's heart is on fire for Africa and just as much for each African! We meet them everywhere in Europe and believe that God has literally called African missionaries here to preach the Gospel. God has blessed the Africans with a givt that we Europeans desperately need. Therefore, we want to exclaim: We Europeans need the Africans and are grateful from the bottom for you as God's people! We want to thank you for coming to Europe as missionaries and honor you. Now is the time to proclaim the Gospel together - side by side - in Europe, in Africa and in the nations. We need one another to carry out the mission of God.

In the AFRICA Conference, we want to gather in the presence of God, get filled and equipped with the love of Jesus, with the power and fire of the Holy Spirit. He wants to bring people from different denominations and nations together ... with one goal: That Jesus may be magnified in Europe and Africa and to the ends of the earth. That the kingdom of God may become tangible through us and displayed in power through our lives!

We are looking forward to the AFRICA Conference and to welcome you in the Schützenhalle Lüdenscheid!

God bless you powerfully ... see you soon!

Arion Roffler
Senior leader FCJG Lüdenscheid & HELP International

Vision Video

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About the Speakers

Walter 590x393px

Walter Heidenreich
President of FCJG Lüdenscheid and HELP International e.V.

Walter Heidenreich gave his life to Jesus in the midst of the Jesus People movement and since he has had nothing but one goal: preaching the Gospel everywhere and demonstrating the kingdom of God in power. Walter preaches uncompromisingly the full gospel. His ministry is marked by healings, signs and wonders as well as his apostolic anointing for the nations. Walter loves people - especially the young people. He invests into the younger generation and trains them to do the works of Jesus and likewise proclaim and demonstrate the kingdom of God in power. Walter is married to Irene and he is the author of several books, among which his autobiography - "Help - I Need Somebody" - is probably his best known book.

Richard 590x393px

Pastor Richard Aidoo
New Life Church, Düsseldorf

Pastor Richard Aidoo, born in Ghana, is the senior pastor of New Life Church, an international church in Düsseldorf (Germany). Since its foundation in 1990, Pastor Richard Aidoo's vision has been to establish a house of prayer for all nations. Currently, people from over 50 nations gather together in this church for worship, prayer and fellowship.

Heidi 590x393px

Carolyn Figlioli
Iris Global, South Sudan and Uganda

When civil war escalated in South Sudan in 2016, Carolyn Figlioli together with 150 children left in her care was in between the warring parties. Without any help and support of locals who had fled for fear, she had to find a way to get the children out of South Sudan and at the same time had to fight with a government that didn’t want to let her and the children go. Carolyn has changed sides – from a middle-class American upbringing she moved to the garbage dumps and the humid jungle of South Sudan. She experienced real-life adventures and miracles of God and is acquainted with mysterious witch doctors as well as with children who have severely suffered from civil war. All of this might push you to despair … however, there is Jesus whom she follows step by step … Carolyn is heading up the ministry of Iris in South Sudan and in Uganda where amongst others she is in charge of the Children’s Village – a place where orphaned and neglected children find a loving home and encounter their heavenly Father.

Kumuyi 590x393px

Pastor Sunday Adelaja
The Embassy oft he Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, Ukraine

Sunday Adelaja is a Nigerian born leader, thinker, philosopher, transformation strategist, pastor, author and innovator who lives in Kiev, Ukraine. At 19, he won a scholarship to study in the former Soviet Union. He completed his master’s program in Belorussia State University with distinction in journalism. At 33, he had built the largest evangelical church in Europe – The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations.
Sunday Adelaja is one of the few individuals in our world who has been privileged to speak in the United Nations, Israeli Parliament, Japanese Parliament and United States Senate. The movement he pioneered has been instrumental in reshaping lives of people in the Ukraine, Russia and about 50 other nations where he has his branches, with over a 100,000 followership. In Ukraine alone, his ministry has been credited to have helped over 40,000 people recover from drugs and alcohol addiction. His congregation, which consists of 99% white Europeans, is a cross-cultural model of the church for the 21st century. His life mission is to advance the kingdom of God on earth by raising a generation of history makers who will live for a cause larger, bigger and greater than themselves. Those who will live like Jesus and transform every sphere of society in every nation as a model of the kingdom of God on earth. His economic empowerment program has succeeded in raising over 200 millionaires in the short period of three years. Sunday Adelaja is the author of over 300 books, many of which are translated into several languages including Russian, English, French, Chinese, German, etc. His work has been widely reported by world media outlets such as: The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Associated Press, Reuters, CNN, BBC, German, Dutch and French national television stations. Pastor Sunday is happily married to his “Princess” Bose Dere-Adelaja. They are blessed with three children: Perez, Zoe and Pearl.

surprise 590x393px

Pastor Surprise Sithole
Iris Global, Mozambique

Surprise "Supressa" Sithole was called by the Lord Jesus Christ at a young age of 15 when the Lord told him to leave everything behind, follow Jesus and preach the Gospel wherever he went. Leaving his family and all possession, he took up his cross to follow the Lamb wherever He goes and has never looked back since. In 1997, God sovereignly connected Surprise with Heidi and Rolland Baker of Iris Ministries. Surprise now serves as the international Director of Pastors for Iris Ministries where he helps oversee the rapidly spreading revival in Southern African which has witnesses close to 7,000 new churches being birthed since 2000. Surprise loves Jesus more than life itself. This all consuming passion drives him to the darkest and most unreached areas of the world with one desire alone - to see the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab. 2:14). With a special impartation to catalyze revival fire all over the world, Surprise is often sent by the Bakers to stir an unquenchable hunger for Jesus and the harvest. Surprise is married to Trythina, and they have three sons. The Sitholes live in Nelspruit, South Africa where they direct the work of Iris Africa and Partners in Harvest.


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International outreaches

HELP Einsaetze Grafik web

We are looking beyond the Africa Conference ... and get started! We take you (18 years and above) to Africa, Europe and Asia. The outreach dates are: June 30th - July 16th, 2023 (outreaches start in Lüdenscheid).

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There are no limitations to God's creativity, and he has put that creativity into us as well. In the summer of 2017, a creative garden was created on the Prayer Mountain (for the Nations) for deep encounters with God. In addition, sites were designed to invite people to meet God in all of his different facets. Because he is our joy, our life, our security, he is the God who sees us, and he has new visions for us and gives us his perspective. Heavenly strategies and solutions are ready for us when we come to Him (Jeremiah 33: 3).

When you walk through the garden, you discover three stone sculptures, each with a strong message:

Surrender- this sculpture shows a person who is facedown before the cross. God wants our whole being, our abandonment, our own desires, ideas and our Yes at the same time to his ways. Being completely devoted to Him means that everything in us bows down to His authority (Ephesians 3:14). We will be hidden in Christ when we surrender (Colossians 3: 3), which this place should express.

Dancing in the River of the Holy Spirit - this shows a child's foot surrounded by water and music. Child-like we may come and ask Him for the Holy Spirit, which he gladly gives to us (Luke 11:13). Joy will fill our hearts through the Holy Spirit, and we will dance and rejoice in the melody of the Spirit. The work of the Spirit will increase in our lives as we go deeper into the rivers and fully trust the Holy Spirit. (Ezekiel 47: 1-12).

Perspective - this sculpture shows an eye through which, one can look into the distance.

God wants to teach us to see things in our lives or in other people's lives with his eyes. For he has the perspective of eternity on our lives (Isaiah 55: 8-9). He sharpens our gaze that we recognize and do the essentials. He also opens our eyes to the supernatural realm so that we can see his heavenly armies rushing to help us (2 Kings 6: 8-23).

You are very welcome to come to the Garden of Encounter (a place of encounter) and meet the wonderful and creative God, so that you will return to your environment strengthened and with a new vision, to change it or to even go to the ends of the earth...

„May the Holy Spirit use »March for Jesus« as an initial spark for God’s people and ignite a spiritual firestorm that we may go and fulfill the Great Commission. Why don’t you bring a March for Jesus into your city, too? Everyone can organize it! The simpler, the better. For the Name of Jesus has power. Jesus is the Victor!”

Walter Heidenreich

You will get the best insight, if you watch the clips about the March for Jesus in Lüdenscheid and Dresden.

In the following cities, there have been such marches:

  • Lüdenscheid
  • Dresden
  • Dortmund
  • Manila (Philippines)
  • Pattaya (Thailand)

At the moment following cities are preparing for a march for Jesus:

  • Leipzig
  • Freudenstadt
  • Siegen
  • München
  • Stuttgart
  • Wiesbaden

On our website you can find the vision explained.

10 supporting aspects for a march for Jesus

  1. For the march you need a route of about 30-45 minutes’ walk (walking slowly)
    1. The people will get tired if the route is too long, especially if an evangelization is planed afterwards.
    2. Choose a route running through the city center, so that a lot of people will see the march.
    3. For the evangelization choose a central, busy place, where there are a lot of people.
  2. The march usually must be authorized as a demonstration, procession or an event. This varies from city to city.
    1. In case of a demonstration, the police will accompany the march. In case of a procession there is no police needed. Own ushers with safety vests are needed in every case.
    2. The evangelization must also be authorized, as well as the loudspeaker system. This is not complicated, the public offices are usually very supportive.
  3. An official announced organizer as well as a liability insurance is required, so that everything is insured in case participants damage something during the march accidently.
  4. A mobile loudspeaker system can be helpful, but is not required for the march. You can sing songs together, call out the name of Jesus, sing in tongues and dance. Everything with joy and out of love to Jesus.
  5. In order to have the name of Jesus visible for everyone, there are possibilities to print T-shirts, flags, banners or balloons with the name Jesus. There are no limits to creativity here. Especially the 2 meter large flags attract a lot of attention.
    1. We have printed only the name JESUS on purpose, so that we do not appear with slogans, requirements or the like. Especially this was very powerful and caused a lot of amazement, astonishment and also joy in the population.
    2. If needed you may get addresses of suitable printing companies from us.
  6. If possible, an introduction about the vision and how to have a march for Jesus together as a group, is very helpful, since it should be a powerful and meaningful testimony for Jesus. It should not be a walk to discuss something with your neighbor, but also no silent march or a demonstration against something. We are simply and only FOR Jesus! And don't walk too fast, it's not a race.
  7. When mobilizing churches, it can help to fall back on existing contacts to pastors and networks. A meeting can be very helpful for this. We had such a meeting in Dresden and the best was – besides the march – to pray together in unity. It is very helpful to win the leaders and pastors of the churches for the vision, because the sheep will follow the shepherd. :-)
  8. Last but not least, the final crusade is a highlight where people can hear the gospel and be saved. Therefore, joy comes forth.
    "How sweet are the feet of the messenger of joy, who proclaims peace, who brings good news..." Isa. 52:7
  9. It is easy to organize such a march for Jesus. So keep it simple! Such marches can be held all over Germany and Europe.
  10. Therefore, simply post photos and videos of your march on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and elsewhere, because most have heard about it this way and then have done a march as well.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at or on our website.

We wish you every success in proclaiming and spreading the name of Jesus.


Worship Services

Watch past services on our YouTube channel. You may subscribe to this channel and get notified of upcoming worship services, seminars, events, etc.

Reaching the world with livestream

We are excited about the new options and possibilities that the internet provides with livestream as well as other modern and upcoming media. Livestream is like a long arm reaching into nations and individual households so we can fulfill our commission in places we wouldn't be able to reach physically.
We stream every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month (from about 8 pm since we are currently streaming only the sermon). The livestream will always be in German, but partly translated into English.

Support us!
With your financial support you enable us to reach even more people via livestream with the Good News of Jesus. Thank you very much!

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